Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Makeup Geek Reviews Part 2!

For Christmas, I was able to get all of the new Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows. When I first saw these shadows I immediately fell in love and wanted to purchase them. Since I had already purchased some of their other eye shadows (click HERE) and was quite impressed, I was eager to try these out and see how well they worked. When I received my package, I was amazed at how beautiful they looked and how beautifully they swatched. However, once I started to play around with them I realized that even though these were great shadows, some definitely fell short of the others.

I will admit that these colors are absolutely stunning and probably the most beautiful shades I have ever seen. All ten feel incredibly creamy and apply very smoothly. They are highly pigmented, have a beautiful glossy finish and blend in really well. Majority of the time I never have too bad a problem with them creasing, but I do find it’s best to have a good primer underneath.

Even though they all have these qualities, there are some that are a bit disappointing compared to the rest. The only ones I am on the edge about are Houdini, Center Stage and Caitlin Rose. While these colors are in fact very beautiful, they take more time and effort to get the desired results that you want out of them. These three went on slightly more patchy and uneven. They also required a lot more layers to really get a full opaque look. When applied they do have great pigmentation but it’s the even coverage and vibrancy that take work. It’s not that it’s impossible but compared to how well the other shadows apply, they are mediocre. 

Top pictures are with flash and bottoms pictures are without flash.
L-R: Magic Act, In The Spotlight, Grandstand, Mesmerized, Showtime,
Center Stage, Jester, Flame Thrower, Houdini and Caitlin Rose.

I have found that using a bush is not always the best tool to apply these. Some of the shadows work well when applied with a brush but for other colors, it’s better with a sponge applicator or your finger. They do blend really well but it’s best to use patting motions to blend colors together rather than sweeping. I've noticed that when I sweep a brush back and forth to blend, they can lose their shiny metallic look. They don’t look matte but they definitely don’t have quite that foiled finished like they’re supposed too. Again, it’s only with certain colors and I think it really depends on the type of bristles the brush has. Just try a few different tools and see which one works best for you.

For these pictures I decided to apply all the shadows with the same brush so I could compare how they really applied. The brush I used was the MAC 213 which is a medium sized fluffy eye shadow brush. The top pictures are without flash and the bottom are with flash.


Magic Act- Light yellow gold.

Applied pretty well but went on somewhat sheer and patchy. I had to put quite a few layers on to build up the color.

In The Spotlight- Light pinky/peach

Applied similar to Magic Act but was more opaque and smooth. I still put on a few layers but not as much as Magic Act. 

Grandstand-Light rose gold

Applied beautifully and was quite opaque. I used a few layers to really make it stand out but even just one layer was really nice. 

Mesmerized- Medium taupe/purple

Applied very similar to the Grandstand shadow. It went on really smooth and opaque. I didn't need to add a lot of layers. 

Showtime-Medium maroon/brown

Applied quite even and opaque. It was very similar to the Grandstand shadow but I didn't have to add as many layers to make it even.

Jester- Light mossy green

Applied very smoothly and was very opaque. I only needed one layer. Definitely one of the best out of all the shadows.

Houdini- Dark teal

Applied fairly well but was a bit sheer like Magic Act. It was also somewhat patchy and I had to add quite a few layers. This one also seems to fade and crease the fastest. 

Center Stage- Bright royal blue

Applied quite patchy and sheer. I had to add quite a few layers and really build it up to get a nice even and opaque look.

Caitlin Rose- Bright purple 

Applied quite similar to Center Stage but wasn't quite as patchy. I really had to add quite a few layers though to really get the right purple color and for it to be opaque. 

Flame Thrower- Vibrant copper

Applied just like the Jester shadow. Went on smooth and opaque. I also only did one layer of this shadow and this one is probably my absolute favorite.

Overall, I am quite happy with most of the colors. The only ones that I’m a bit disappointed in are Houdini, Center Stage and Caitlin Rose. They are beautiful colors and you can build them up to be that beautiful shade you see in the pan but it just takes a little bit longer. My favorites are definitely Flame Thrower, Jester, Grandstand, Showtime and Mesmerized. The other two, Magic Act and In The Spotlight, aren't bad but they aren't great. Hope you found this post helpful and if you have tried these then I would love to know your thoughts as well!

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