Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Makeup Geek Reviews!

I started hearing about this brand through Youtube last year and become very curious.  The shadows were getting so much praise over their quality and price point that I just had to get some and see for myself what the hype was all about. I know a lot of people say that the quality is very similar to MAC eye shadows, but for about half the price. I don’t have many MAC eye shadows so I can’t really say for myself if they are similar. However, after trying these shadows out, I can understand how people can compare their quality to a “high end” brand.

These shadows have great pigmentation and staying power. I generally never use an eye shadow primer and these shadows last all day without creasing. They are very smooth and blend in really well. The quality of the shadows, for the small amount you pay, is just incredible. No matter what your money situation is or your makeup skill level, these are amazing shadows to have in your collection.

I only ordered a few at first but I definitely want to get some more. The shadows I purchased were Peach Smoothie, Mango Tango, Shimma Shimma, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Bear and Corrupt. 

Left to right top row: Shimma Shimma, Mango Tango and Peach Smoothie
Left to right bottom row: Corrupt, Cocoa Bear and Vanilla Bean.
Top: without flash, bottom: with flash
Left to right: Shimma Shimma, Mango Tango, Peach Smoothie,
Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Bear and Corrupt.

·         Peach Smoothie is a very light matte peach color.
·         Mango Tango is a brighter peachy pink color with a little bit of sparkle.
·         Shimma Shimma is a very light, shimmery champagne color.
·         Vanilla Bean is a matte, soft white color.
·         Cocoa Bear is a matte red brown color.
·         Corrupt is a very dark matte black color with a tiny sparkle to it.

I even bought a few of their pigments which I am in love with! They are so incredibly pigmented, blend in really well and last all day. I do have some MAC pigments and I can honestly say these are just as good, if not better! I bought Vegas Lights, New Year’s Eve, Afterglow and Blitz. None of them are matte but they have a beautiful sheen to them. 

Top: without flash, bottom: with flash.
Left to right: Afterglow, Blitz, New Year's Eve and Vegas Lights.

                                                                                          Vegas Lights is a really bright copper color. 

New Year’s Eve is more of a glitter with light gold reflects. 

 Afterglow is a light champagne color. 

Blitz is a brown with red undertones. 

The only pigment I was a bit disappointed with is New Year’s Eve. It’s a really pretty glitter but I didn’t realize it was a glitter. I only paid attention to the swatch on the website which I don’t feel is accurate at all. The swatch led me to believe it was more opaque when in reality it’s a very sheer glitter.

I thought it might be fun to add some pictures of looks I did using just the Makeup Geek shadows and pigments. You obviously don’t have to just use these shadows and pigments together but I decided to try using only the colors I had. 

Shimma Shimma, Mango Tango and Peach Smoothie.

Corrupt, Cocoa Bear and Vanilla Bean.


Overall, I really love this brand and would highly recommend purchasing their products. The prices are very, very, reasonable considering how great the quality is. Next week I’ll be posting about their new foiled shadows that I got for Christmas so stay tuned for that!!!

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