Monday, January 5, 2015

Texturizing Product Reviews!

When I was posting all of my “salon quality” product reviews, I completely forgot about some other products that I had in my collection. These last three products have to do with texturizing. The purpose of a texturizing product is to emphasize the layers in a hairstyle. These types of products really help to add some definition and give a piece-y look. These products can be ideal for those with short, choppy hairstyles or anyone who has a very layered look. Each one is in a different formula so they each have different benefits to them that another may not. So even if you have tried a product similar to one of these, and you didn't like it, you may want to check out a different formula to see if it works better for you.

  • Farouk Royal Treatment “White Truffle Foundation”: As with all the other products within this brand, this has a nice fragrance to it. It might be overwhelming to some people and I generally don’t care for it in their other products, but I didn't feel this was as strong as the others. This comes in a small compact which makes it great for travel. It’s a wax formula and has a bit of a waxy feel to it, but it doesn't leave your hair feeling very sticky like some waxes do. However, if you use too much then it does start to feel a bit sticky. This product really helps to smooth your hair so if you have frizz or split ends it can really help your hair look and feel healthier. It also won’t weigh down your hair or leave any buildup. Overall, a really nice lightweight product that’s good for adding some definition and shine.
  • KMS Hairplay “Playable Texture”: This product is actually a spray texturizer which I thought was a really nice idea. Since it’s a spray it won’t weigh down your hair and you can control the amount you apply a little easier. At first, if you spray a thin layer, it doesn't feel very sticky but it also doesn't add a lot of definition. It is buildable so you can build it up to the amount you want but the more you spray, the more sticky it becomes. I tried brushing it out to see if it would feel softer, but it only helps a tiny bit. It has a low hold level and doesn't add any shine. I feel this product is a great starting point for anyone thinking about using a product meant to add some definition but are afraid of it being too sticky.
  • Goldwell “Full Rebel”: Out of these three products, this is definitely the most sticky. It’s a thin creamy formula so it feels very lightweight which is really nice. When you pump it out and rub it around in your hands you can tell it has a slight tackiness to it. Even though it felt tacky, it didn't feel very sticky. However, when I tried to rub it through my hair it was a nightmare. It was so sticky that my hair would just stick to the palm of my hand. I then tried scrunching it into my hair to see how it did with adding definition to my waves. It did help to define my curls but it still felt very sticky which I absolutely hated. I would only recommend this product for those with very short hair and lots of layers. It will add a lot of definition to give you a very edgy look and will last all day since it has a strong hold.

Overall, these products were pretty interesting to try. My favorite would have to be the White Truffle Foundation. It really helped to add definition but was also smoothing and not very sticky. The Playable Texture wasn't bad but not something I would use regularly for my hairstyle. I feel it’s better for those with longer hair and longer layers who just want to add a little something extra to their style. The Full Rebel product is definitely better for shorter styles. It was way too sticky for my liking but I could see how the right person with the right type of style could really love it. Hope you found this post helpful and I would love to know your thoughts on these products if you have tried them!

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