Saturday, February 14, 2015

Altchek MD "DePuff Eye Pads" Review

When I ordered from the Ulta website recently, I was able to receive some samples with my order. One of the samples happened to be these eye pads which are to help refresh and renew the delicate eye area. I am quite young so I don’t really have a problem with fine lines and wrinkles, but my eye area can definitely look puffy and fatigued at times. I have tried another type of eye pad before and wasn't super impressed with the results so I was quite hesitant about trying these; especially since there was only one application. To my surprise, these actually did what they were supposed to do.

This sample pack came with two pads (one for each eye) for a one time use. The pads are actually quite big, which I guess is nice, but I feel it’s a bit unnecessary. One side is a cloth material and the other side is a thick gel formula. You place the gel side facing down onto your skin and leave for 30 minutes. Once the 30 minutes is over, you gently remove each pad and wipe away any reside.


First, I did follow the “Doctor’s Tip” on the back and placed them in the refrigerator for a bit so that they would have an extra cooling effect. It was quite nice having that cool feeling but I don’t think it’s necessary every time. When I applied the pads I didn't think they would actually stay in place because the gel felt a little slippery; but once they were on my skin they didn't move. I was a bit nervous about leaving them on for 30 minutes because it seems like a long time. I thought for sure my skin would get irritated or start to sting because it can be somewhat sensitive. However, I was very pleased that not once did my skin feel irritated. When it was time to remove the pads I thought for sure there would be some discomfort since the pads would be tugging the skin as I pulled them off. To my surprise these came off with ease! I was shocked; I barely even felt them being removed. I then went and just gently washed the area for any residue but I didn't feel any on my skin which was really nice.

Afterwards, I could indeed see a difference. It wasn't a huge difference but I could definitely see and feel the change these pads had made. My skin looked much smoother and there was some reduction of puffiness. My eye area was also very hydrated and I looked much more awake. Overall, my skin looked healthier. I honestly didn't think my skin under my eyes could actually look and feel that good.

Overall I was very impressed with these eye pads. They didn't cause any irritation or stinging and were so incredibly gentle on my skin. I was able to see some results after one use which was great and I’m sure with regular use these would offer even better results. I looked them up online and they are very reasonably priced. If you are looking for a product to help smooth, hydrate and refresh your eye area then I would highly recommend checking these out! I was so pleasantly surprised at how well these worked and how gentle they were. I am for sure going to be purchasing them in the future. If you have tried these out then I would love to know your thoughts!

EDIT: I recently tried some eye masks that are very similar to these but from a different brand. The other brand is much more affordable, might be easier to find depending on where you live and I absolutely love them. Check them out and my review by clicking HERE


  1. I just got em outta the fridge and put them on! Can't wait to see my results!

    1. I really hope you like them and they work for you!!! Would love to know your thoughts afterwards as well :)