Monday, February 2, 2015

Fix It: Hair Color

After working around stylists and experimenting with different looks for over four years, I've learned a few helpful tips on how to fix some hair coloring mishaps. I always recommend getting a coloring service done by professionals because these services deal with chemicals. These chemicals can be damaging if not used correctly and can turn out completely awful without the right know how and understanding. However, I know some people can’t afford to get it done professionally so for those of you who decide to experiment yourself, these tips will help to fix some of those coloring disasters.

Consider different factors. Just because you like the hair color pictured on the box, doesn't mean that you can simply apply the dye and get that exact color. Different factors from underlying color tones to previous hair color, and even having damaged hair, can all affect the outcome of the colored dye you use. I would recommend doing some research to gain knowledge on how hair color works so that you can minimize the risk of an unwanted color.

Gloss. If you feel that your hair color looks dull and faded, then you can add a gloss to help bring some life back into it. You can either use a clear gloss or one that has a color that is similar to what you have in your hair. A gloss is much sheerer than an actual color so it won’t be as opaque but will help to add shine and a bit of a color boost. Using a gloss is also great when you can’t recolor your hair right away and just need a refresher to get you by.

Remember the color wheel. This will help when you need to fix the under tone that you have in your hair color. To get rid of red tones you need to use an ash or green color. For fixing the yellow undertones you need to use a purple color, and for orange undertones use a blue color. However, make sure you use the same level of these corrective colors that your hair is. If you get a different level it will affect the lightness or darkness of your hair color.   

Clarifying shampoo. If you have colored your hair and the color came out darker than what you anticipated, you can use a clarifying shampoo to help strip the color. This is a safer approach than applying bleach since bleach is very harsh and damaging. Using a clarifying shampoo doesn't completely get rid of the color but it will help to remove some of it which makes it lighter and not as intense. Just make sure you apply a hydrating treatment afterwards.    

Add more color. This is specifically for when you end up with patchiness. To make sure your color comes out completely even, you need to make sure that you apply an even layer of color over the entire hair that you are coloring. However, sometimes you don’t realize it until after the color has developed that you weren't as careful as you thought. Therefore, just add some more dye to the specific areas and keep an eye on it. Depending on how contrasting the patchiness is, depends on how long you leave the color on those areas.

Those are just a few of the tips you can use to fixing some hair color dilemmas. I feel those problems are the most common when it comes to hair color. Changing your hair color can be fun but requires a lot of knowledge since you are dealing with chemicals so always do some research. It’s better to take the time before hand to learn and understand what to do so that you can minimize any disasters afterwards. Hope these tips help you out!

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