Friday, March 27, 2015

Ole Henriksen "Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil" Review

A few months ago I purchased the Pure Truth Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil by Ole Henriksen. Even though this is meant as an anti-aging treatment oil, it still has a lot of great benefits for the skin. I was interesting in this because I wanted to see if it would help to brighten my skin and even out my complexion. Therefore, I can’t really say whether or not this was a good product for fine lines and wrinkles because those aren't problems I currently have with my own skin. So, my review will be based on other aspects of this product. I saw a lot of great reviews online about this product so I had high hopes. However, I soon realized that this product wasn't going to be my miracle worker like I was hoping it would. 

First, this product has a bit of a weird smell to it. I've read that a lot of people don’t like the smell which I can understand. It’s a bit of a citrus smell but not the usual citrus smell in other products. I guess it’s more of an earthy citrus smell as opposed to a sweet citrus smell. I really didn't like it at first but after a few days I got used to it and it didn't bother me. I wasn't able to smell it once it was on and absorbed into my skin. This also has a very orange color to it and when I applied it to my skin it would leave a very light tint but it only lasted for a little while. A little of this product can go a long way so you don’t need much at all. One pump is plenty for my entire face and neck. 

I know a lot of people have their suspicions about using a facial oil because they don’t want it to be heavy or leave their skin feeling greasy. I honestly didn't feel it was heavy but it did take a while to absorb. Once it did absorb, my skin did feel hydrated. Obviously the more you use the longer it will take to absorb and the more greasy, or oily, your skin will feel so definitely use it sparingly. Even though it was indeed moisturizing, I didn't feel it was any better at adding some hydration than other products.

At first, I didn't think this product was irritating my skin because my skin didn't immediately turn red, feel tight or burn after I applied it. I still never had any burning or tightness which might be because it was moisturizing. I also didn't have any immediate redness but I felt my skin became more sensitive and prone to irritation, or redness, in other ways. For example, when I wash my face, my skin can become a little red but when I was using this product, after washing my face, my skin would look very red. Or when I would apply a moisturizer, my skin became more red than it normally would and would take a little longer to go away. Shortly after I stopped using this product, I didn't experience the amount of redness anymore.

This product also caused me to break out. Before trying this product, I very rarely was getting breakouts for quite a few months. However, within the first two days of using this product I started to get acne. Now, I know that when you try a new product it can cause acne so it didn't really bother me. What did bother me though was that the acne was getting worse instead of better. I would continually get acne and none of it was healing. I was also getting acne in places that I never would get acne before. It started on my chin and then my forehead. Soon after I was getting acne around my hairline, cheeks and nose which are areas I never break out. I was not thrilled about this, especially since my skin had been looking so good before this product, so I decided to stop using it and returned it.

Perhaps the acne would have subsided after a longer time period but I wasn't willing to wait. I've tried other products that have never made me break out or more prone to redness when I tried them. I have also tried products that have caused these reactions and I kept using them to see if the problems would go away but they never did. Therefore, from past experiences, I didn't believe this product was worth waiting to see if the issues would have eventually gone away. For these reasons, I would highly recommend trying a sample of this product first before you actually purchase. If you know your skin is sensitive or prone to acne I personally wouldn't recommend trying this product out but it still wouldn’t hurt to try a sample if you really want to find out for yourself. Hope this review helps you and if you have tried this product I would love to know your thoughts.

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