Wednesday, April 15, 2015

theBalm INSTAIN Blushes Review

I've had these blushes for quite a while now because I was originally looking for blushes for fall and winter. Most of the blushes I had were pink or peach colored, which is great for spring and summer, but I wanted some darker colors that I could use for fall and winter. I just so happened to be in Kohl’s one day and decided to take a peek at their cosmetics. I stumbled across these blushes from the Balm and realized that these colors were exactly what I had been looking for. I had heard of the brand before but wasn't very familiar with any of their products so I figured this would be a good time to try the brand out. I was a bit hesitant because of the price but I saw that these blushes are supposed to act as a stain so I was very curious to see how well they worked. 

Left is Pinstripe and right is Houndstooth.
I really love the packaging of these blushes and the design is really cute. The package is quite thin so they don’t take up much room. At first they seem quite small but the actual pan inside takes up a lot of space. Sometimes it feels like you pay for more packaging than actual product but that’s not the case with these blushes. The pan is actually quite large so you get a lot of product. The packaging also comes with a mirror which is very handy. 

Left is Pinstripe and right is Houndstooth.
These blushes feel very smooth and leave a velvety finish. They aren't completely matte but they don’t have shimmer in them either. They also have great pigmentation and are quite opaque so a little can go a long way. Even though they are pigmented you can still use a small amount for just a sheer wash of color but it’s also really easy to build up to a more vibrant color. The color definitely lasts all day without much fading but that does depend on how much you use. If you use a smaller amount it will fade a bit faster than if you build up the color. Overall though it does lasts a good amount of time. 
My absolute favorite of the two is Pinstripe. This is the exact color that I had in mind for fall which is a deep plum color. It’s not too dark or too purple and I feel it would go great with many skin tones. The other blush is Houndstooth which is a mauve color. Again, this one isn't too dark but still has some depth to it and helps to warm up my complexion in the cooler months. I won’t only use these colors in the fall and winter though. I still feel they are great to mix in with spring and summer looks to add some more depth to the cheeks. 

Left: without flash, Right: with flash. Left: Houndstooth, Right: Pinstripe.

I am so glad I decided to purchase these blushes because they ended up being exactly what I wanted. The quality is great so you really get what you pay for. These have quickly become my favorite blushes that I reach for quite often. If you want some blushes with better staying power then I highly recommend checking these out. There isn't a wide variety of colors to choose from but the formula is really great and I don’t believe you’ll be disappointed. I’m very interested in trying out more products from this brand and I would love to know your thoughts if you have tried out any of their products.

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