Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BareMinerals Prime Time Neutralizing Foundation Primer

Primers can be great to use before your makeup application because they can serve many different purposes, depending on your needs, to give you a more flawless appearance. They can also help your makeup to last longer throughout the day without fading or moving around. I have tried quite a few primers before, which you can check out HERE, HERE and HERE. Today I’m reviewing another primer that I’ve been trying out recently from bareMinerals. One of my biggest concerns I have with my skin has to do with redness. My skin isn’t too bad but I do have some uneven redness that I would like to neutralize in order to achieve an even complexion. I have tried one green primer but it didn’t work so I thought I would give this primer a try since it has a yellow tint (both yellow and green can help neutralize redness). To find out how this primer ended up working out keep on reading…. 

What I liked right away from this primer was that the color was pretty vivid. Since there seemed to be quite a bit of pigmentation I had high hopes this would neutralize my redness better than the other primer did. I also liked that it has a really nice smell to it which I wasn’t expecting. It smells sort of sweet and fruity but it’s not too overpowering. Once I applied it to my face I could tell right away that it was very moisturizing. Some primers that I’ve tried have made my skin feel slippery, which I’m not a fan of, but this one didn’t. It left my skin soft and smooth which was really nice and felt pretty lightweight. In terms of neutralizing my redness this primer sadly didn’t deliver the results I was wanting. It did help a tiny bit, but overall it just helped my skin to look more radiant than actually neutralizing my redness and giving my skin a more even complexion. I do feel like this helps makeup to stay in place and last for the majority of the day. However, the foundation that I use is a long wearing formula anyways, even without primer, so it’s sort of hard to say for certain if this helps makeup last in general or not.  

Even though this primer didn’t neutralize my redness like I wanted it to, it still has a lot of other great qualities to it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to people who want to neutralize their redness but just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work for you. Based on the other qualities though, I would definitely recommend this primer. Even if you don’t have redness in your skin, this particular primer can still add radiance which is always nice. Out of all the primers I’ve tried, this one is actually my favorite. Hope this review helps you out and if you have any recommendations of primers that will help neutralize redness than I would love to know!

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