Friday, June 26, 2015

My Top 10 Skincare Products

I’m finally getting around to doing a post on my favorite skincare products. After trying out a lot of products and posting a lot of reviews I figured doing this list would be a helpful roundup of my favorite go-to products. Most of these products are pretty budget friendly and majority are for those with oily and acne prone skin. However, there are also some great products for dry skin and a lot of these will also help to even out your skin tone, fade dark spots/scars as well as help your skin achieve a healthy glow. While these products have helped to some degree individually, the combination of these products has helped even more.

*I don’t use every product every day. It really depends on my skin and what it needs or doesn’t need.*

1.       Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser- I’ve been using this cleanser for over a year now and it has completely changed my skin. I have seen a significant reduction in acne, my skin isn’t as oily and it has helped to even out my skin tone. I use this cleanser twice a day and a lot of acne products can dry out the skin but this cleanser does not. If you have problems with acne I highly recommend trying out this cleanser.

2.       Jojoba Oil- I’ve tried quite a few facial oils before and this is by far my favorite. This oil has helped greatly to clear up my acne and acne scars. It’s so hydrating but still lightweight and a little can go a long way. It sinks into my skin faster than most facial oils I have tried in the past and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. It’s also quite affordable compared to a lot of other facial oils out there.

3.       Mario Badescu Rose Hips Nourishing Oil- I find this oil to be somewhat similar to the jojoba oil but this one delivers a little bit more. It’s just as hydrating but absorbs much faster. It’s also great at combating acne but has better healing properties. The best way I can describe this oil is that I reserve this for days when my skin needs that little extra push to look and feel healthy rather than using it every day. Slightly more expensive but worth every penny.

4.       Homemade Exfoliator- I have tried a few products to exfoliate my face and body before but once I made my own I have never wanted to purchase an exfoliator again. It is so incredibly easy to make and I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. My favorite exfoliator for my body is HERE and my favorite for my face is HERE. Both leave my skin extremely smooth, hydrated and healthy.

5.       GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment- I really wish I had a cheaper face mask but this has honestly been the best for my skin. It helps to prevent and clear up acne while also helping to diminish acne scaring. Depending on my skin, I use this once a week to once every other week. If used too often it can leave my skin feeling dry but overall it’s not too bad and doesn’t irritate my skin. If you haven’t tried this and are looking for a good mask for acne, definitely recommend trying a sample at least.

6.       Equate Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes- I use these to take off my makeup before cleansing my skin. They’re great at removing makeup and even though they say they’re exfoliating, they aren’t rough at all. I purchase the double pack where you get 120 towelettes for about $7 (Wal-Mart). That is the best deal that I have come across. The best quantity, quality and performance of any wipes I have tried.

7.       Organic Virgin Coconut Oil- Can you tell I love using oils on my skin? I mainly use the coconut oil on my body to help nourish my skin and give it a healthy glow. However, it’s also great at removing makeup and cleansing the face. I will use this on its own or mixed into the homemade recipes for both my skin and hair. Basically, a great natural moisturizer for your entire body.

8.       Surgeons Skin Secret Beeswax Moisturizer- This moisturizer is AMAZING for dry skin!!!! It’s not lightweight and can feel a bit sticky so I will only use this at night. In the morning my skin is so nourished, more even in toned and has an allover healthy glow. I only use it on my face but you can use it anywhere that you have extremely dry skin. It can seem a little expensive but I purchase the deal with two twist-up sticks and these will last me three years!!! Highly recommend for people who suffer with dry skin. I buy mine from the QVC website.

9.       Mario Badescu Drying Cream- This product is great for getting rid of the tiny bumps/pimples that are under the surface of the skin. Before, I used to have to wait for those bumps/pimples to reach the surface in order to get rid of them but this product works right away. If used too often it can cause dryness, but those bumps/pimples are gone before that becomes too much of a problem. Also, this helps to conceal the acne as an added bonus!

10.   Hand Sanitizer- This may seem like a weird product to have listed but having this on hand has really helped my skin because I’m not touching my skin with dirty hands. I use my hands a lot to clean my face and apply skin care products so how can I expect to get the full benefits of the product if I’m contaminating them with dirty hands? Before I apply any product I will either wash my hands or use hand sanitizer. Sounds silly but I never really gave much thought to it before, and since I have, I’ve been able to have healthier skin.

Even though my skin isn’t absolutely perfect, I know for a fact that these products have helped my skin become so much healthier. Keeping your skin moisturized is so important for it to look and feel healthy. That is probably the number one tip I have learned and can pass on to others. Also, I mentioned a few of the products from Mario Badescu but I have tried a lot of their products and none of them have disappointed me. I highly, highly recommend trying out that brand. You can go to their website, take the questionnaire and within a few days receive an email about being sent free samples of the products that were recommended based on the questionnaire you took. Hope this post helps you out and if you have tried any of these products I would love to know or let me know what you’re favorite skincare products are!!! 

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