Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fix It: Dark Circles

One of my personal flaws that I like to fix with makeup is my dark circles. When I’m not wearing makeup people always think I’m tired or sad, which can be frustrating. While sometimes I might indeed be tired or sad, majority of the time it’s just the way I end up looking because of my dark circles. There are different factors that cause dark circles and mine are hereditary. I don’t believe there’s really anything I can do to completely get rid of my dark circles so I use makeup to help them appear less visible. Therefore, today I thought I would share what I do to reduce my dark circles so that I can hopefully help some of you that might be dealing with the same problem.

Not everyone has dark circles and for those who do, they don’t always look the same. Some people have more severe dark circles then others, so hiding dark circles can be different from person to person. I feel my dark circles are moderate; not super dark but definitely darker than some people. For those who have pretty mild dark circles, using a concealer may be good enough to fix them. However, for those of us with moderate to severe dark circles, concealer usually isn’t enough and finding a good “correcting” concealer becomes necessary. To learn more about these “correcting” concealers, click HERE

As stated in the link above, you need to figure out the color of what you are trying to correct and then choose the color that is opposite. Generally, dark circles have blue or purple undertones so you will most likely need an orange or yellow corrector. I used to use a yellow corrector which did help a bit but not as much as I liked. I then decided to try a more orange toned corrector which has helped so much more. Therefore, if you try a color (like yellow) and it doesn’t quite correct your dark circles like you want, then try another color (like orange) to see if it works out better. The color I use is actually more of a peach color than a straight orange since my complexion is light/medium. Depending on your complexion and how light or dark it is, depends on how light or dark you want the corrector. For example, I use a peach color since I have a lighter complexion, where an orange would probably work better for darker complexions. If you have a lighter complexion and want an orange corrector then by all means try it out because you will use a regular conceal on top anyways.

Once you apply your corrector it’s important to use a concealer over top of it that matches you’re skin tone because you don’t want your corrector to look so obvious (it’s not cute to have your face one color but then have orange stripes underneath your eyes). It also helps to use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your complexion. This will help to reflect light so the under eye area looks brighter instead of hollow and dark.

So to recap:
1.       Figure out what your underlying tone is of your dark circles (blue, purple, both?)
2.       Use a correcting concealer that is the opposite of that color to help neutralize.
3.       Apply a concealer with a color that matches your skin tone and is one to two shades lighter.

I have been using the MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter as well as their Pro Longwear Concealer for over a year now and am really happy with them. I would definitely recommend going to a MAC store or counter and have them try the products out on you to see if you like the way they look.

Some of you may already be aware of correcting concealers but for those of you that aren’t I hope this post was helpful. I had heard of correcting concealers to diminish redness but never in relation to dark circles until a few years ago. I’m so glad I did because it makes me feel so much better to be able to reduce that darkness and look the way I actually feel (awake and happy!). I would love to find some cheaper alternatives or dupes so if you have any suggestions I would love to know. For now though, I absolutely love the MAC products and cannot live without them so I definitely recommend trying them out if you have the money.    

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