Friday, August 7, 2015

Que Bella Relaxing And Refreshing Masks Reviews

These facial masks were actually gifts for my mom but she gave them to me. I had never seen or heard of the brand before so I was excited to try them out. Then one day I saw these at Target and when I saw how low their price was, I became even more intrigued. I have tried other facial masks before that weren’t expensive, and while they weren’t terrible, I still felt that they could have been better. At less than two dollars each I really wanted to see how well these masks would compare, to not only the other less expensive masks, but higher end facial masks as well. 

Overall, the packaging is cute but not very functional. Only because once you open the package you can’t reseal it. There’s more than one application worth of product (at least 4) so it would be nice if you could reseal it so the product doesn’t dry out. I was afraid that there would only be one application considering how low the price is but I’m so glad I was wrong. I would recommend having a small jar or container on hand to transfer the product into from the package. That way you can seal it so the mask won’t dry out. Otherwise you can use a rubber band, staples or anything else you have to close the package. I just personally find a jar more useful. 

The first mask I tried was their Relaxing mask, which is supposed to “gently cleanse, tone and calm” the skin, leaving you feeling “refreshed, revitalized and relaxed.” This mask is a clay formula that smells like lavender. The scent is quite strong but not completely unbearable. If you are real sensitive to scents then you may have a problem. I could still somewhat smell the scent while it was on my skin, but not a lot. The formula is pretty creamy so it spreads really easily. At first it felt a little tingly on the skin but only for about 10 seconds. As it dries it doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight like a lot of masks can do which is nice. Once I removed the mask my skin looked so clean and clear, as well as looked more even in tone and texture. It was as if my skin had a filter over it that just blurred all the imperfections! I was shocked. To be completely honest, I was not expecting those results from a mask that has such a low cost. It was also very gentle and didn’t dry my skin out but actually left it feeling slightly moisturized. 

The next mask was their Refreshing mask which has anti-oxidant properties because of the pomegranates. This mask claims that your “skin condition will be toned and improved by drawing out impurities, removing dead skin cells and reducing excess oil.” It also “unblocks pores leaving skin feeling great and refreshed.” The formula for this mask is different because it’s a peel-off mask. It’s a very thick gel formula that’s quite tacky. Since it’s so tacky it can be a little harder to spread over the skin but not too bad at all. I really don’t like the scent that this mask has but luckily it’s not strong at all. I don’t smell it once it’s on my skin. You definitely need to make sure you apply an even layer that isn’t too thin or too thick. You also need to be careful as to not get the product too close to your hairline or eyebrows because it will pull at the hair. Once the product is completely dry you can then gently peel it off. The first time I peeled it off it didn’t hurt bad at all, but the second time it did hurt a little more. I think the second time I used too much product and that’s why it pulled at my skin more. I felt this left a slight residue feeling afterwards so I just rinsed my face with water and it was fine. Even though it did pull at my skin a bit more than I wanted it didn’t cause any irritation and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry. My skin definitely felt smooth and soft afterwards but I didn’t notice any improvement in the tone.

Overall, both of these masks were really nice and worked really well. The Relaxing mask is definitely my favorite out of the two. Everything about that mask is great and it worked perfectly with my skin. I do like the Refreshing mask because it still left my skin feeling quite cleansed and clear but just not as much as the other. I am definitely going to go check out the other products this brand has so keep an eye out for more reviews in the future. I highly recommend trying them out!!! If you have already then I would love to know your thoughts on the brand and which ones are worth purchasing.

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