Wednesday, September 2, 2015

BH Cosmetics 10 pc. Pop Art Brush Set

This week I’m continuing my reviews on some more BH Cosmetics products. Last week I did a review on their Wild Child Palette (click HERE) and today’s post is a review on one of their brush sets. I have tried out another brush set quite a while ago (click HERE) and, since then, I’ve been really curious to try out some more of their brushes. When I first saw this brush set I immediately fell in love with the colors and selection of brushes. As soon as I tried them I knew these would become staple tools that I would use to apply my makeup every day. 

I really love the overall packaging of the product. The brushes come in a small container which is convenient for traveling or even just for storing the actual brushes in. The top and bottom of the container snap together so you won’t have to worry about the brushes falling out. Each brush is a different color that is so vibrant and fun. This set comes with 10 brushes that are all you need for your makeup application. You have a brush for foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eye brows, lips and then some. It’s definitely a well-rounded set of brushes that you will need without an unnecessary amount of extras. 

The quality of each brush is great and they feel very well made. The handles are pretty sturdy on all the brushes so I don’t feel like they will fall apart and need to be re-glued. I do believe that the quality of these brushes is a bit better than the first brush set I had reviewed which is great. The bristles are super soft and really great quality as well. Every brush picks up a decent amount of product and blends it out beautifully and effortlessly. They also clean up really easily and dry fairly quickly. Also, so far, I haven’t had any problems with the bristles falling out. I have been really happy with the performance and quality of these brushes which is great for the price you pay.


Overall this is an absolutely great set for beginners. It has just the right amount of brushes that one needs when starting out with makeup. The only flaw I can mention is the type of foundation brush this set comes with. Personally, that type of brush is not one that I find the easiest and best to use when applying foundation. Perhaps a lot of other people do, but I personally do not. Otherwise though, I really love this set of brushes. Even if you aren’t a beginner and are just looking to build your collection, these are still a great option. These aren’t top quality brushes but they are very good and will last as long as you take good care of them. I would highly recommend checking out this brush set because it is well worth the money you pay for it. Hope this review was helpful and check back next week for the last review on an eyeshadow and blush palette. 

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