Friday, September 25, 2015

Que Bella Facial Exfoliator And Rejuvenating Mask Reviews

Today I’m continuing my reviews on two more Que Bella facial products. To see my first and second posts then click HERE and HERE. Today’s post is slightly different because I’m reviewing one face mask, which happens to be a sheet mask, and an exfoliating cleanser. I wanted to switch it up a bit and try products that were a bit different than my previous posts. Also, even though I’ve tried a lot of different masks and exfoliators before, these two types of products were ones that I hadn’t tried. Therefore, I was curious to find out what made these products different than the other formulas that I was more familiar with. 

First, I always like to talk about the packaging. I’ve stated this in my first post and will include it in every post as well…. Overall, the packaging is cute but not very functional. Only because once you open the package you can’t reseal it. There’s more than one application worth of product (at least 4) so it would be nice if you could reseal it so the product doesn’t dry out. I was afraid that there would only be one application considering how low the price is but I’m so glad I was wrong. I would recommend having a small jar or container on hand to transfer the product into from the package. That way you can seal it so the mask won’t dry out. Otherwise you can use a rubber band, staples, clip or anything else you have to close the package. I just personally find a jar more useful.


I took the product out of the packaging and placed it into a
small container.
When I purchased their Facial Exfoliator I didn’t realize that it was actually an exfoliating cleanser. I became even more intrigued because I have never tried anything like it before. This product “polishes your skin to remove makeup, dead skin cells and impurities” in order to “reveal the fresh, glowing skin below. Your skin is left feeling renewed and revitalized and perfectly prepared to enjoy a relaxing Que Bella face mask.” First off, this exfoliator smells AMAZING!!!! It has a pretty strong cherry smell but it’s not overpowering when you’re using it. However, if you are someone who doesn’t like the smell of cherries then you may not like this exfoliator. It has a clear gel formula so you can see all the cherry and apricot kernels. This exfoliator does lather up a bit just like a cleanser and feels super creamy. Even though it uses the kernels to exfoliate it is still extremely gentle which makes it great for those who have sensitive skin. Afterwards, it really does leave “a radiant, clear complexion.” My skin not only felt smoother and softer but it also looked clear and more even in tone.


Next up is their Rejuvenating Dead Sea mineral spa masque. Again, when I purchased this product I didn’t realize it was a sheet mask (I literally just grabbed a whole bunch of their products without actually reading what they were. I just knew I wanted to try as many as I could lol). When I realized what it was, I was even more excited because I had never tried one before and I wanted to know how this type of mask differs from the usual formulas I was familiar with. This mask “naturally soothes and moisturizes” and since it’s “rich in minerals and Vitamin E the masque helps to deeply cleanse your skin and tones with the addition of natural seaweed extract.” These types of masks are super easy to use and don’t cause any mess which is great. You just unfold the mask, let it sit on your skin for a while so the serum can soak in and then throw it away. While this mask was on it had a pretty strong “cooling” feeling but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Instead it just felt very refreshing. Afterwards my skin was slightly red but it didn’t hurt and it cleared up pretty quickly. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated but I didn’t really notice any changes in the overall tone of my skin.

Overall I feel both these products are really nice and definitely worth trying out. I absolutely love the exfoliating cleanser. The packaging says it’s the “perfect pampering partner” which is so true. It helps in preparing the skin beforehand to get the most benefits from a mask so you achieve better results. Do I feel it’s much different than a plain exfoliator because it’s an exfoliating cleanser? Not really, it seems to work just about the same. Even so, it’s still a great product at an affordable price that does what it’s supposed to. The Rejuvenating sheet mask was different because it wasn’t as messy and was pretty hassle-free which was nice. Even though I didn’t notice any major changes after, it supposedly offers “countless benefits including: combating stress, slowing skin aging, increasing circulation, balancing skins moisture and easing muscle stiffness. For acne prone skin the Vitamin E included helps to heal scars and scar tissue.” Therefore, it may just be a mask that works better over time so I feel I should continue to try it and see if over time I notice better results. Hope you found this post helpful and if you have tried these products then I would love to know your thoughts! 

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