Friday, October 16, 2015

Que Bella Clarifying And Skin Brightening Facial Masks Reviews

Today is the final day. The final post of Que Bella masks that I have been trying out recently and reviewing for the past month. If you would like to check out all my previous posts then start by clicking HERE. The masks I will be reviewing today are two peel-off masks. I have tried these types of masks before and, while they can be fun to pull off, they can sometimes pull hard on the skin so I was curious to see how these masks would compare. Since the Clarifying mask has witch hazel I wondered how well it would work with acne and if the Skin Brightening mask would be able to lighten my acne scars. Even though I was optimistic I still wanted to remain realistic and not expect a “miracle” product. However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised with my results… 

First, I always like to talk about the packaging. I’ve stated this in my first post and will include it in every post as well…. Overall, the packaging is cute but not very functional. Only because once you open the package you can’t reseal it. There’s more than one application worth of product (at least 4) so it would be nice if you could reseal it so the product doesn’t dry out. I was afraid that there would only be one application considering how low the price is but I’m so glad I was wrong. I would recommend having a small jar or container on hand to transfer the product into from the package. That way you can seal it so the mask won’t dry out. Otherwise you can use a rubber band, staples, clip or anything else you have to close the package. I just personally find a jar more useful.

I tried the Clarifying mask first and this mask states that it will “remove dead cells and tone your face for a deep, soothing clean.” This peel-off mask has a pretty thick gel formula with a green tint to it. The formula is also pretty tacky but it’s still easy to apply an even layer over your skin. It smells just like cucumbers, which I’m not particularly fond of, but it’s not too strong and I don’t really smell it while it’s on. Depending on how thick of a layer you apply depends on how quickly the mask dries, but overall it dries in about 20 minutes. Once it was fully dry I would start to remove it. It did pull at my skin a bit but it wasn’t as bad as other peel-off masks I’ve tried and it came off easily. Afterwards my skin did look smooth and slightly more even in toned. It wasn’t a huge difference at first but I actually noticed it more each time I used the mask. I also felt that my skin did indeed start to look clearer. Any acne I had started to diminish and some redness faded a bit so it was definitely soothing as well.

Once I finished up the Clarifying mask I then tried the Skin Brightening mask. The packaging states, “enriched with natural Papaya Extract the mask helps exfoliate whilst the Hops actives help even out skin tone, revealing smoother, more luminous skin and a glowing complexion.” I am always looking for a product that will brighten up my complexion so I was super excited to try this mask out. As I predicted, this mask smelled just like papaya which I absolutely loved. This mask also has a thick gel formula that is tacky but still easy to apply an even layer. It has an orange tint to it. Again, depending on the thickness of the layer depends on how quickly it dries. I try to get a layer that isn’t too thick or thin. Once this mask dried and I removed it, I noticed that this mask seemed to be much easier and barely pulled at the skin at all. I was so pleased that this one was much gentler on the skin. Afterwards, my skin was smooth and more even in tone. After using it a few times I definitely felt this helped to brighten my complexion and even help to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Both of these masks were really nice and worked really well. It was actually nice being able to see a difference in my skin and to notice it looking and feeling better with each use. I love that the Clarifying mask helped to diminish my acne and redness caused by the acne. I should mention that I don’t suffer from a lot of acne on a regular basis so I’m not sure how well it will work for those who do. Even if you don’t have acne this mask can still be great to help soothe your skin and give you a clearer complexion. I am so impressed with the Skin Brightening mask and will definitely be purchasing it again and again. If you have acne scars I highly recommended trying this mask out. I’m not sure how well this mask would work on other skin problems, like dark spots, but it’s worth a try for the price. I hope you found this review helpful and hopefully you will try out this brand. I have really enjoyed trying out their products and there are definitely quite a few that I will continue to use.

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