Friday, October 9, 2015

Que Bella Moisturizing Hand And Intensive Foot Masks Reviews

Today’s review is on two products that are completely new to me. I have tried foot and hand masks before but they were the same concept as a mud mask that you would use on your face. The masks in today’s post however, are socks and gloves that have product inside that you put over your feet and hands. This seemed very interesting to me and I wanted to see if this way was any better than the other masks I’ve tried for my feet and hands. These masks would certainly be less messy but would they provide the same results? Well, I put them to the test and I’m happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

One packet has a pair of “socks” for your feet and the other packet has a pair of “gloves” for your hands. The outside of the masks (i.e. the socks and gloves) are plastic and the inside is a cloth like material. I first opened the foot packet and when I pulled the socks out I was a little confused. The socks aren’t open and ready for you to slide your feet into. You have to pull apart the one end in order to open them. I tried to gently pull the end open but was having some trouble. It was like that end was sealed a little too tightly and I was afraid if I pulled too hard that I would end up ripping the whole sock. After a few minutes I started to pull harder and they finally opened up. The same goes for the gloves but these were actually a little easier to open. I’m not sure if everyone has that problem, or if it’s just me, but just be aware that you might have to use a little force in order to open these masks. Also, in case you’re wondering, the product is inside these sock and glove masks. There isn’t a ton of product that you have to worry about it leaking out but there’s enough to ensure it will cover your entire foot and hand. 


I applied the socks first and I really liked the way they smelled. To me they smelled just like apples but it wasn’t overwhelming. I then applied the gloves and left these masks on for the full 20 minutes and then removed them. It was really nice being able to relax and not worry about product transferring onto anything. When I’ve used other masks on my hands and feet I wasn’t able to move or touch anything so it’s nice that I could with these masks if I needed to. Once they were off, my feet and hands still had some product on them so I rubbed it in and just waited for the rest of the product to be fully absorbed before I did anything. It did take a little bit longer for the product to fully absorb and my hands felt slightly sticky until it did. However, once the product was absorbed my hands and feet looked very hydrated. I could tell that the tone and texture of my skin was much more even. My hands and feet also felt incredibly smooth and soft. 


Overall, both these masks are very effective and give great results. These leave your skin feeling well-nourished and more supple. Even though they were a little difficult to open, these masks were actually really easy to use. I don’t have to worry about getting product everywhere which is really nice. By placing your hands and feet into the gloves and socks it really allows the product to deeply penetrate into the skin instead of just moisturizing the surface. It’s sort of like sticking your hands and feet into a tub of lotion but just much easier and less messy. I highly recommend trying out these masks because I live in a pretty dry climate, so keeping my skin nourished can be quite a chore, and these masks really made a difference.

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  1. I'm so glad I found this, I could not for the life of me figure ito how to open the foot masks. I thought I got a defective product! Lol I had to really dig around googlG to find your post but I'm so glad I did! I went at the one of them with scissors lol. Thanks again! Pretty ridiculous that you have to pull them open isn't on the instructions.

    1. So glad you found this helpful! :) Ya they really should include how to open on the instructions.