Wednesday, November 25, 2015

ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Review

This week I’m continuing my reviews on some recent ColourPop products that I purchased. Last week I reviewed a few of their Super Shock Shadows, which you can read HERE, and now I’m going to review their cheek products. I decided to purchase one product from each category to try out. Therefore, I have one blush, bronzer and highlighter. These products also have the same cream to powder type formula that their shadows do. I was really eager to try these products out because I have only tried either cream or powder formulas on my cheeks but never a cream to powder formula like this. If you are looking for products that are easy to blend, long lasting and extremely affordable then you will want to check these products out.

The first cheek product I’m going to write about is their blush called Aphrodisiac. This shade is described as “beige brown” with a matte finish. When I was looking at the different colors of blush on their website, I wanted a color that was different than what I already have. I’ve been looking for a more “natural” looking color of blush and when I saw this color, I thought it would be perfect. After trying this blush once, I fell in love with the color. It doesn’t feel too brown to me but seems to have a slight pink hue to it and it looks very natural. It can be applied sheer or you can build up the color which is really nice. You can apparently use this color to also contour which I did try. However, it wasn’t really a color I liked on myself so I prefer to just use it as a blush.

The next cheek product is one of their bronzers in the shade Paradise Cove which is “golden beige” with a satin finish. When I first saw this in person I wasn’t sure if it would do anything because it looked quite light. Right now I do have somewhat fair skin, but I’m not extremely pale. The first time I tried it I wasn’t real impressed because it didn’t really show up. However, after I tried it a few more times and would layer it up, I started to like it more. Now I reach for it all the time and it’s become my most favorite product from ColourPop. I love the fact that it’s buildable so you can apply a small, sheer amount just for a hint of color or you can really build it up to add more warmth. This color gives me that perfect beachy glow and isn’t orange at all but is like a golden olive color. 

The last cheek product I have is a highlighter. The color I purchased is called Spoon and is described as “light silver champagne with multi-dimensional silver flecks.” I really should have paid attention to the “flecks” part because this highlighter can come off as glittery which I’m not a fan of. The first few times I tried this I really didn’t like it because it just looked like I had glitter on my cheeks. I then decided to try applying it with my finger tips and luckily, that worked so much better. By using my fingers I can pick up more of the actual color instead of the “flecks.” It can still look a tiny bit glittery but not as bad as when I use a brush. This shade is also more intense which I’ve come to realize is not the type of highlighter that I like. I prefer highlighters that look more natural and just give a glow to the skin. This highlighter is still nice and I use it but it’s slightly too intense for me. 

Below are swatches of the three Super Shock Cheek products. Top photo is without flash and the bottom photo is with flash. From Left to right is Aphrodisiac, Paradise Cove and Spoon.


Overall, the cheek products are very nice. They are all super creamy and easy to blend out. The blush seems to have a slightly wetter consistency but still comes off matte. I do feel that they are all pigmented, but they can vary in opaqueness; the bronzer being sheerer and the highlighter being very opaque. These products also last all day long without fading. Just like the shadows, I’m really impressed with these cheek products. I would love to try more blush colors and try to find a highlighter that isn’t so glittery. The formula and quality of these is so great and definitely worth checking out. Check back next week for my final post with reviews on some of their lip products!

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