Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dr. Bronner's Bar Soap

Today’s post is pretty simple and straight forward. A while ago I heard about this soap and how great it was for cleaning makeup brushes. I naturally became very interested so I went out and purchased it at my local Target. I’m always interested in trying new cleansers for makeup brushes (and sponges). I have tried a few more expensive brands plus some inexpensive brands and, while they all worked well and pretty similar, none seemed to “wow” me. However, I could tell right away that this soap was different when I first used it.

At first glance it seems like your typical bar of soap but what caught my interest is that it’s made with natural oils. Now, I know that oil is great for removing makeup, but I have tried some in the past on my brushes and they ended up feeling incredibly greasy. I was a little worried that this soap might do the same but to my relief, it didn’t. 

To just cut to the chase…..this soap is amazing at removing makeup. You don’t need to use a lot and 99% of the time the makeup comes right out in just one wash. I usually need to wash my foundation brush a few times to really get all the makeup out, but every other brush is done after one round of soap and water. It just removes the makeup so effortlessly. It is also very gentle and leaves the bristles of my brushes so soft. The oils perfectly nourish the bristles without leaving them greasy. I have a few eye shadow blender brushes from MAC that can feel quite rough on the skin but this soap really helps to soften them, which then allows the brushes to work even better.  Overall my brushes just end up looking better after I wash them. They practically look brand new. Since the formula is powerful but still gentle, I know it will help to prolong the life of my brushes.

Here are some before and after photos using the soap on some brushes and even a beauty sponge. 

If you are looking for a cleanser to remove makeup from your brushes then this is a wonderful choice. I know there are different scents to choose from which is nice. This soap is also great because it’s pretty inexpensive and I feel it will last for quite a while. The brand does have liquid soap as well as the bar soap which I think I’ll purchase next time. I personally think that using the liquid form would be a bit easier than the bar. I don’t see why the performance and results would be much different so you can try either. As of right now I’m pretty much in love with this product and will definitely continue to purchase it.

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