Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morphe Brushes Brush Review Part 2

I’ve made a few purchases from Morphe Brushes in the past; first to try some of their individual eye shadows and then to try out a few of their brushes (click HERE). Overall I’ve been very pleased with all the products that I’ve purchased so a few months ago I made another purchase during their Black Friday Sale. This time I purchased a few more brushes and single eye shadows as well as one of their own empty palettes to put the eye shadows into. Today I’m going to be reviewing the brushes that I purchased. I wanted to purchase some more eye brushes as well as face brushes to further test out the brands quality. 

These brushes are from a few different lines (Studio, Studio PRO and Duo Fiber) because I wasn’t looking to purchase from one line only but rather just finding the exact brushes that I wanted. These brushes range in price from $2.99 to $13.99 (at the time I purchased them). I was definitely skeptical of the brushes that were under $5. I really wasn’t sure what the quality was going to be but I hoped for the best. These are the brushes that I purchased:


I’m not really going to go into much detail about each brush. Their overall quality is extremely nice. All the handles feel thick and sturdy instead of cheap and loose. One of the brushes I purchased previously did come apart but luckily I was able to fix it with a little glue and it’s been great ever since. I have yet to have any problems with these brushes coming apart. All the bristles feel very soft but I did have a slight problem with the M422 Crescent Shadow brush. When I first opened the brush there were quite a few bristles falling out. I’ve heard this can happen with a new brush but after you wash the brush (you should always wash your brushes after you get them and before you use them) you shouldn’t have a problem with it. After I washed the brush there were still a few bristles falling out but luckily I haven’t noticed any more. Other than that all these brushes work beautifully and I’m still happy with my purchase.

My favorite brush is definitely the M439 Deluxe Buffer brush. It has quickly become my absolute favorite foundation brush. Before this brush I was just using a flat top synthetic brush from Sigma. I was curious to try a round top brush to see if it made any real difference when applying foundation. I didn’t think it would be different but to my surprise it actually made my foundation look even more flawless and smooth. If you are looking for a good foundation brush I would highly recommend the M439.

Overall I’m really happy with these brushes. While there seems to be a few little mishaps here and there I find that overall the quality is in fact very nice. Luckily my issues with the brushes haven’t been severe and since they are extremely affordable (the two brushes I’ve had problems with have been under $5) the problems don’t bother me that much. I love that Morphe Brushes has a lot of brushes to choose from and at different price ranges. If you don’t trust the cheaper brushes then by all means purchase the brushes that are a little more money because I do feel that those are slightly better quality. However, if you are on a tight budget the cheaper brushes are still really good quality. So if you have been debating on whether or not you should purchase some of their brushes I highly recommend you give them a chance. Despite the little mishaps I’ve had, and even though I was a bit unsure with my first purchase at the time, I really have been happy with my brushes and wouldn’t mind purchasing more in the future.

Soon I’ll be reviewing their single eye shadows so stay tuned for that!

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