Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sephora Color Wishes Review

Happy 2016 everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time during the holidays. I’m posting a bit later than I originally wanted to but sometimes that’s just the way things go. In order to help me get back into the “blog posting” state of mind, after taking some time off, I thought it would be fun to do a review on these mini eye shadow palettes I received for Christmas. These five mini eye shadow palettes are from the Color Wishes set from the Sephora Collection. I realize these probably aren’t in stores anymore but I still wanted to review them. I don’t believe I have ever tried any makeup product from the Sephora Collection (even though I’ve heard some great reviews about them) so I thought these would be a good starting point. If these are similar to their actual eye shadow formulas then this would be a great way to see how the quality is.

What I loved right away about this set is the size of the palettes. The packaging is thin with a magnetic closure so they stay shut really well. They are so cute and tiny which makes them perfect for traveling or putting into your purse/clutch to change up your makeup later on in the day if you’re going on a date or out with friends. There are two shadows in each mini palette that complement each other. One is a matte shade and the other is shimmery/glittery. There is also a picture inside to suggest how to wear the shadows.

In the Be A Rockstar palette there is a light matte pink shade and a olive green shade with gold shimmer.

In the Be A Celebrity palette there is a light matte brown shade and a golden bronze shimmery shade.

In the Be A Hero palette there is a light matte vanilla shade and a dark black with silver glitter shade.

In the Be A Queen palette there is a dark matte blue/purple shade and a shimmery silver shade.

In the Be A Role Model palette there is a light matte taupe shade and a pink champagne shimmery shade.

Overall the formula for these shadows is pretty nice. They are very creamy and easy to blend, however, they are also somewhat powdery so you can get some fall out. I don’t feel the fall out is real bad but there is some. These shadows also have pretty good pigmentation. The shimmery/glittery shades can be sheerer so you have to build up the color a bit more while the matte shades are more opaque. I do feel that it’s necessary to apply a primer or base underneath these shadows. They can fade somewhat throughout the day especially in the crease (at least for me since I have hooded eyes, not sure how bad on those without hooded eyes) so a primer helps with that. Some sort of base like a cream shadow will help the colors to stand out more.

I do like these shadows and I definitely want to check out the individual eye shadows from the Sephora Collection as well. If you have tried the eye shadows or any other products from the Sephora Collection then I would love to know your thoughts!

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