Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Morphe Brushes Empty Palette Review and Comparison to a Z-Palette

Lately I’ve been reviewing some recent Morphe Brushes purchases (click HERE to see the other reviews on brushes and single eye shadows) and today I wanted to review one of their empty palettes. I’ve mentioned before that I love purchasing individual eye shadows so I can create my own palettes. I absolutely love the Z Palettes and have quite a few but when I noticed that Morphe Brushes had their own palette I became quite intrigued. I was curious as to how well it would compare to the Z Palettes so I decided to purchase the Morphe palette and see what the pros and cons were.

First, I’ll write about the look of the products and how the designs are similar and different. These palettes have very similar designs. They are both very thin and sleek. They have a magnetic bottom on the inside and a magnetic closure. The magnetic bottom and closure in both palettes is very strong so the pans on the inside won’t move around and the palettes stay closed very well so the pans won’t fall out. Overall both products are quite sturdy and feel very durable. One difference though is that the Z Palette has a clear lid so you can see the shadows inside while the Morphe palette does not and instead, has just a solid black lid. Another difference is the size. The Morphe palette is bigger in length and width than the Large Z Palette which I used in the pictures and I’m pretty sure even Z Palette’s Extra Large and Double-Sided Palettes (according to the sizing on their websites). 


Now let’s compare the prices with how many individual eye shadows these palettes hold. I purchased the Morphe Brushes ACC4 - Empty Magnetic Palette for $17.99 which holds 40 individual eye shadows. The Z palette I have in my pictures is the Large Z Palette which is $20 and holds about 28 standard sized eye shadows. The Large Z Palette cost more money but holds less inside. The Morphe palette holds more individual standard sized eye shadow pans than the majority of the Z Palettes at a much lower price. Even the Extra Large Z Palette holds up to 35 eye shadow pans for $28 so it holds 5 less but costs almost $10 more. However, the Double-Sided Z Palette holds 56 eye shadow pans (it’s supposed to be the size of two Large Z Palettes) for $45. So I would be able to get 16 more eye shadows into the Double-Sided palette but have to spend about $27 more. When I figured it out, I felt the Morphe palette would be a good middle ground because it’s cheaper and still holds a lot of eye shadows.

Now, there is a problem with the quality of the Morphe palette. A single row of eye shadows (Morphe single shadows) does not fit perfectly, as you can see in the picture below. Why would Morphe create their own palette and not have it fit their own individual shadows perfectly? I have no idea. Even so, I do know that I can still fit 40 eye shadows inside. It is frustrating to me because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want the eye shadow pans to fit perfectly in straight rows, but I can’t say I’m completely bothered by it. Other than that, it’s actually a really nice palette that is made really well. I’m not sure if another palette would be the same way or if mine just happened to be made incorrectly. For that reason, I’m not 100% comfortable recommending this palette over a Z Palette. I will leave that up to you. I can say that other than the shadows not fitting perfectly, the quality is in fact very similar to the Z Palette.

Morphe palette with their eye shadow pans.
Large Z Palette with Morphe eye shadow pans.
Z palette on the left and Morphe palette on the right.

Hope you found this review and comparison helpful!


  1. have you depotted any of the pans from the morphe made up palletes, do they still stick ?

    1. No, I haven't tried it myself. I did google depotting the palettes and from what I've seen the pans in the palettes are metal so they should definitely stick.

  2. Hi!! Thank you for this!! ❤
    But does the morphe palette come with metal stickers?

    1. You're welcome! :) No, sadly the Morphe Palette doesn't come with metal stickers. It would definitely be nice if it did though!