Friday, February 5, 2016

Que Bella Professional Energizing and Moisturizing Masks Reviews

Earlier this year Que Bella came out with some new products and I went out and purchased all of them as soon as I could. A few weeks ago I posted my first reviews on two of their new masks which you can check out HERE, along with all the other reviews I’ve done on the Que Bella products. Today I’m reviewing a great mask that will help to perk up your skin and another that helps to enliven those tired eyes.

I always like to include my thoughts on the packaging first.  I’ve written about it before but in case you haven’t read the other post I’ll include it now…. Overall, the packaging is very nice but not very functional. Only because once you open the package you can’t reseal it. There’s generally more than one application worth of product (about 4) so it would be nice if you could reseal it so the product doesn’t dry out. I was afraid that there would only be one application considering how low the price is but I’m so glad I was wrong. I would recommend having a small jar or container on hand to transfer the product into from the packaging. That way you can seal it so the mask won’t dry out. Otherwise you can use a rubber band, staples, clip or anything else you have to close the package. I just personally find a jar more useful.

First up we have the Energizing Vitamin C Peel-Off Mask which is meant to “wake up dull and tired skin. The Vitamin Extracts help to draw out impurities presenting bright, radiant and plumper skin.” To find out more information on this mask, check out the Que Bella blog post HERE. When I hear that a product is meant to brighten up the skin I am very excited to try it out. I am always on the lookout for a skincare product that will help to revive my skin but that doesn’t break the bank. This mask formula is similar to their other peel-off masks. It’s a liquid formula that is quite gummy but still really easy to spread. At first this mask felt a tiny bit tingly on my skin but it was very minimal. Once it dried and I removed it my skin looked much smoother and clearer. My skin didn’t look blotchy but looked more even in tone and looked more refreshed. I love that it didn’t dry out my skin or irritate it one bit. This mask really helped to give my skin that pick me up that it needs every now and then.


Next up we have the Moisturizing Gel Eye Masks. These eye masks help “restore the delicate skin around your eyes… to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leave your eye area brightened and soft.” To learn more on these eye masks click HERE. These eye masks were the number one product I was eager to try out of the new products Que Bella was coming out with. This packet has three smaller packets inside which contain two pads that are one time use only. You place these pads under each eye with the gel side facing down touching your skin. Leave on for thirty minutes and remove. These eye masks cover a large area which is great and they are super easy to use. I was afraid that when I removed them they might tug and pull at the delicate eye area too much but they didn’t at all. They just glided off the skin and were so gentle. Immediately I could tell that the skin was smooth, well hydrated and just looked refreshed. These did not irritate my eyes at all. I hadn’t really notice that these had brightened my dark circles until a few days later when I applied my makeup. I realized that I didn’t need to apply as much corrector and concealer to the area because the darkness wasn’t as intense as it usually is. I was shocked! I truly didn’t believe that these would actually brighten my eye area but I am sooooo glad I was proven wrong.

Both of these masks are really great. The Energizing mask is great when you want a clean and refreshed look. It really helps to get rid of impurities and just bring your skin back to life. The Moisturizing eye masks have quickly become my new obsession. My under eye area is definitely one of my least favorite features. I have dark circles that are hereditary and it can be hard to find eye products that truly make a noticeable difference. These masks remind me a lot of the eye mask I tried a while ago from Altchek because they are the same style and you use them the same way. However, these eye masks are more affordable, easier to purchase and quite honestly, offered better results for me. These are definitely a winner in my book and I will never be without these masks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Make sure you check back for more reviews on their new products!

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