Wednesday, May 4, 2016

NYX Cosmetics! Part 4

A little while ago I purchased some more NYX products to add to my collection. NYX is a great affordable brand with great quality so I love purchasing products from them as often as I can. I’ve posted reviews on all the products I have so far which you can check out HERE, HERE and HERE if you’re interested. This time I picked up some eye liners, lip liners and their Whipped lip and cheek SoufflĂ©. As with the majority of their products, these did not disappoint.

I have tried one of these eye liners before and it’s my absolute favorite. I have Golden Bronze already so this time I picked up Purple Blaze, Jet Black, Jewel and Brown Perfection. These eye liners are very creamy and glide on so easily. You can get great pigmentation with one layer or you can layer it up to make it a little more intense. The black and brown colors are pretty typical colors, while Purple Blaze and Jewel have some shimmer in them. These liners are great on their own or as a base for eye shadow. They last all day but not on the waterline. The black and brown colors look good and last for a decent amount of time on the waterline but the other two don’t show up as well and therefore don’t last very well. Otherwise though, these are really nice.

I have one of their lip liners already which I love but these lip liners are a little different. The one I already have is from their Retractable lip liner range and these are from their Slide On range. I love the retractable lip liner formula but that range didn’t have the colors that I wanted so I decided to try these out. The two colors I purchased are Brick House and Nebula. Brick House is a medium red and Nebula is a medium/dark purple color. These lip liners are creamier than the Retractable range which seems to be about the only difference when it comes to the formula. These have great pigmentation and are pretty opaque. You can wear them alone or under a lipstick. Alone they have a satin type of finish and last very well. I haven’t tried any “high end” lip liners so I can’t really say how they compare but for lining the lips and helping your lipstick to last a little longer, these do the job.

The last new products I added to my collection are the Whipped Lip and Cheek SoufflĂ©s. I had no idea what to expect when I saw these but I wanted to give them a try anyways. The two colors I purchased are Pink Cloud and Coral-Sicle. Pink Cloud is a really pretty light pink color and Coral-Sicle is more of a medium orange color. I feel like the color is a little too orange to be considered coral but that just might be me. I absolutely love the formula of these products. They have a mousse texture so they are so smooth and creamy. These have incredible pigmentation so you can get great color pay-off without having to add a ton of layers. I mainly use these on my cheeks but they work great on the lips too. They remind me a lot of the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love that these give a light wash of color or you can build up the color if you want. I find that these last all day on the cheeks for me but not so much on the lips. Then again, I only use a tiny bit on my lips to add a little hint of color. I would definitely recommend trying these out if you’re looking for a cream blush.

Overall I’ve been really happy with these products. For the price that you pay, NYX has a lot of great products. I would definitely purchase more colors of these products in the future. If you haven’t tried anything by NYX yet then I highly suggest you do. If you are looking for great products at a great price then I really think you’ll fall in love with NYX. While there are some products that I didn’t feel were great, there are a lot of NYX products that I absolutely love.    

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