Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sample Review Part 2

In last week’s post I mentioned about receiving a sample box with 24 colors from Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick range and did a review on the first eight colors in the box (click HERE). Today I’m going to be reviewing the next eight colors which are mostly red tones. I really loved the first colors I tried so I was super excited to try out even more. As I’ve mentioned before, this is my first time trying these lipsticks from Urban Decay and I have been so impressed with the colors as well as the different formulas. Next week I’ll be reviewing the last eight colors which are mostly nude and soft pink colors so make sure you check back for that review as well.

Since this was just a sample box, the colors didn’t come in their actual bullet form. Therefore I had to use a lip brush to apply the colors. I can’t say for sure but some of the characteristics of the lipstick might be different when applying straight from the actual lipstick bullet compared to these samples so keep that in mind. First I will start off by saying that practically every color went on evenly, smoothly and had great pigmentation. A lot of the colors felt pretty lightweight on the lips and were actually quite moisturizing. They also didn’t settle into the lines on my lips; which is a huge problem with most lipsticks for me so I was super happy about that.

*I did take pictures of every color on my lips but my camera isn’t the best. I still did my best to capture the color of the lipsticks but definitely try and look up more reviews. Also, I’m not the best at applying lipstick with a brush so excuse the sometimes messy application :P oh and in case you happen to notice, I do have a scar on my bottom lip so if it looks a little funky, that’s why lol

Rock Steady (cream)- Since this is a cream formula it feels moisturizing and is pretty lightweight. Doesn’t settle into the lines on my lips, goes on easily and looks even. I was expecting this color to be much darker and more red than it actually looked on me. I know colors can vary on different people so on me this color is more of a medium red with a pink undertone. It’s also brighter and more vivid. I was expecting a slightly darker color that’s more of a neutral red. 

Manic (cream)- Another cream formula so it’s quite similar to Rock Steady. This color is a little bit of a medium muted pink shade. In the packaging it looks like it has a tiny bit of shimmer throughout the color but once it’s applied it doesn’t really look shimmery. It just has a nice glossy finish.

Gash (cream)- Again, same formula as the first two colors so it has all the same qualities. This color is very similar to Rock Steady but it’s a little darker and is more of a pink color with a red undertone.

714 (mega matte)- Even though this is matte it’s still pretty creamy and easy to apply. However, it does feel a little heavier on the lips and slightly less moisturizing. It’s not completely drying but more so than the other formulas. It doesn’t settle into the lines on my lips right away but after wearing it for a long time, it does a bit. This color is a vivid medium warm toned red.

Disturbed (comfort matte)- This formula is similar to the mega matte except it’s not as drying. It’s like a cross between the cream and mega matte formulas. This color didn’t go on quite as easily and evenly. I know a lot of darker colors can be that way and especially if they are a matte formula. You just have to apply a few layers or use a lip liner underneath. This color is a dark warm red; sort of a deep brownish red color.

Blackmail (comfort matte)- Again, similar qualities to Disturbed; still creamy and easy to apply but had to add a few layers so the color was more even. For some reason this color did seem to be slightly more drying at the end of the day compared to the other matte colors. I’ve only worn it once so it may not be the lipsticks fault. I still thought I’d mention it though. This color is a very dark purple color.

EZ (cream)- I feel this color looks almost identical to 714. This one is a cream formula though so it has a somewhat glossy finish and feels more moisturizing. The difference between the two colors is that EZ is lighter, brighter and has more of an orange color.

Snitch (sheer)- The sheer formula is definitely lightweight and moisturizing so it doesn’t settle into any lines on my lips. This color is sheerer than the other formulas but it still has great pigmentation. You still get great color payoff but the color just looks softer than the other formulas. In my picture this color looks more pink but in person it’s in fact more of an orangey-pink (a coral color).

As I stated before, I’m really impressed and love the formulas for these lipsticks. I’m not usually one to wear a lot of different colored lipsticks (I just stick to nude colors) but I love every single color I have tried so far. Maybe it’s because of the formulas but I almost want to buy every single shade. The only reason I won’t is because I know I don’t need every color and luckily I have pretty good self-control lol I, again, would highly recommend trying these lipsticks out if you haven’t already. Make sure you check out my last post and check back next week for the last review on the more pink and nude shades from the sample box.

*To see Part 3 click HERE 


  1. What are you signed up for that you received the sample box? My sister in law received the same thing and I am so jealous!!

    1. I received mine through Ulta since I have their card I guess. I'm not sure if every Ulta card holder received it or how it worked out honestly. I was completely shocked when I opened it. I've never been sent anything like this from Ulta so it was a huge surprise. I've seen other people on Instagram post about it as well so I'm assuming everyone was sent the samples through Ulta.

  2. I got mine as a free gift for spending $25 at Sephora. So excited to try them all! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Oh awesome! You will love them!! I am so obsessed with the colors and formulas....I definitely feel the need to buy almost every one of these colors lol you're welcome :) and thanks for the comment!