Friday, October 14, 2016

Tony Moly Luminating Sheet Mask Review

A few weeks ago I decided to purchase some new skin care products. I did some searching and decided that I wanted to try some Tony Moly facial masks. I hear all the time how Korean skin care is one of the best out there so I thought I’d try some of these masks out. I purchased six of them (most from the “I’m Real” range) and today I’ll be reviewing the “Luminating” Pearl Mask Sheet. I ordered all these masks off the Ulta website and according to their site this is a “new” product (I didn’t see it on the Tony Moly website). I was a little disappointed because this package already had a tear in it when I received it, so I was worried that all the serum would be gone or dried up, but luckily there weren’t any problems.

The packaging is really cute and nice; besides already having a tear in this particular one. The sheet mask itself feels very nice and well made. The material was definitely thicker than others that I’ve tried, but not too thick. Even though this is a Korean brand and most of what’s on the back of the packaging is in Korean, there is also a small part that’s in English (I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand the instructions lol). Using a sheet mask is super simple and hassle-free. You pull it out of the package and apply it to your face (there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth). It actually fit my face quite well and stayed in place better than other sheet masks I’ve tried. Once you’ve left the mask on for 20-30 minutes you then remove and throw away.

When I pulled the mask out of the packaging the first thing I noticed was how much serum was in the package. The sheet mask was very well saturated with the serum which was fantastic. I’ve tried other sheet masks, and even though they weren’t dry by any means, they also were not as saturated as this sheet mask. There was even a bit of left over serum in the package so I actually tried to use the mask twice. I placed the mask back in the package to try and soak up the rest of the serum. It sort of worked but not extremely well, sadly. However, I will still use the serum from the other masks but will probably just use my hands and rub the left over serum over my face (otherwise I feel like I’m wasting product lol). This particular mask also had a very nice and very light scent to it.

Front and back of the package. Top part of the back is in Korean but on the bottom are the instructions in English.

Once I removed the mask there was still some product on my face that hadn’t absorbed yet so I massaged that in a bit. My skin did absorb most of the product pretty well but it definitely took a while and my skin did feel quite tacky. It wasn’t real bad but I wasn’t expecting that and it took quite a long time for the tacky feeling to go away. I used the mask a few hours before I went to bed and even after a few hours it still felt a bit tacky. Once the serum was well and truly absorbed though, my skin definitely felt more hydrated afterwards.

With this mask I’m a little on the fence with how I feel about it. I love that you get so much product in the packaging and it really feels like the serum deeply nourishes the skin but I didn’t really notice my skin looking any more luminous which is what I was wanting. I love that my skin feels hydrated and I know that nourished skin looks healthier and more luminous but I was expecting a bit more from this one. For that reason I’m not sure I would recommend this particular mask but it could work differently for other people and even work better the more you use it. Overall though I was a bit let down to be honest and wasn’t feeling too excited to try the other masks I purchased. However, since trying this mask I have tried one of the other sheet masks and am much happier with the performance of that one. It just seemed to work better for my skin than this one did. Check back next week to find out which one it is and why I liked it more!

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