Friday, October 28, 2016

Tony Moly Seaweed Sheet Mask Review

Today I’m writing yet another review on one of the Tony Moly sheet masks I purchased recently. I have written two other reviews already which you can check out HERE. My third review is on their Seaweed “Skin Purifying” mask. I’ve tried other masks that help to purify the skin before, and loved them, but I don’t believe I’ve tried any with seaweed before. I was very interested in seeing how this mask performs and I’m happy to write that I was very impressed.

The packaging is really cute and nice. The sheet mask itself feels very nice and well made. The material was definitely thicker than others that I’ve tried, but not too thick. Even though this is a Korean brand and most of what’s on the back of the packaging is in Korean, there is also a small part that’s in English (I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand the instructions lol). Using a sheet mask is super simple and hassle-free. You pull it out of the package and apply it to your face (there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth). It actually fit my face quite well and stayed in place better than other sheet masks I’ve tried. Once you’ve left the mask on for 20-30 minutes you then remove and throw away.

I am still happy to report that this sheet mask package contained a lot of serum inside; just like the other masks. This one seemed to even have a little bit more than the last one. I feel like this serum was slightly thinner in consistency than the last one so maybe that has something to do with it having more serum inside the package. I was able, just like the last mask, to place the mask back in the package after the first use and have it absorb the rest of the serum to use a second time. I feel like I might have even been able to use this mask three times possibly. With the first and second uses the sheet almost had too much serum because it was dripping quite a bit. Just as with the other masks this one had a nice light scent to it. I feel it had a very “clean” scent to it which I liked.

Front and back of the package. Top part of the back is in Korean but on the bottom are the instructions in English.

Just like the last mask, my skin was able to absorb this serum fairly quickly. It did have a slightly tacky feeling afterwards (even after rubbing in the remaining serum on my face) but that went away within about 20 minutes. Since I’ve been using these masks for a few weeks now I feel it’s safe to say that these masks have not caused me to break out in any way so far which I know can sometimes happen with new products. After the first use of this mask my skin did look slightly red and a little blotchy. It didn’t look terrible and it didn’t hurt but it was enough that it was noticeable. However, the red blotchiness did go away very quickly and I didn’t get the same reaction after using it the second time. Overall my skin felt smooth, cleaner and looked a bit more radiant.

I feel that the more I have used these masks the more I’ve noticed how they really make my skin smooth and soft while also adding some radiance to my overall complexion. I didn’t notice the radiance right away and it’s not a huge change but it is enough that I can tell it’s because of these masks. If you’re looking for a mask that gives your skin a very “clean” and refreshed feeling than I highly suggest trying this one out. Make sure you check back next week for a review on another Tony Moly sheet mask!

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