Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Benefit Defined and Refined Brow Kit Review

I wouldn’t consider myself to be “brow obsessed” but I do like my brows to look full, defined and fairly natural. My favorite brow product has been the brow kit from E.L.F. but every now and then I like to try out new brow products. I was pretty excited when Benefit announced that they were updating their line of brow products earlier this year. I have tried out their Gimme Brow (which I love) so I thought this would be a good opportunity to test out some new and different brow products. I decided to purchase this kit because I liked the purpose and products that came with it. I know some of these they already had but changed the packaging and/or formula while others are completely new.

First, I love the overall packaging for the new brow products. I love that all the products are silver and the cool sleek designs of the new products. The whole range just looks much more appealing and uniform. This kit is super nice as well since the products come in a cute little tin box that you can even reuse for other purposes if you decide not to keep the products inside. This kit comes with three products and then an eyebrow shaping tool as well as instructions for everything.

The shaping tool is pretty neat and easy to use. The instructions are super easy to follow and show you how to place the tool in the correct areas so you can better shape your brows. It helps you figure out where your brows should start, where the arch is and then where the tail of the brows should be. It’s great if you’re worried you can’t get your brows very even and want to get them as symmetrical as possible.

High Brow- I’ve never tried a highlighting brow pencil before so I didn’t really know what to expect. The color of this was pinker than what I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be more of a white/cream sort of color but instead it’s a light cool toned pink color. The formula is really nice for this pencil. It’s very pigmented and creamy which makes it easy to apply and blend out. Once it’s blended out it does look very natural and this particular pencil has a matte finish. I suppose the pencil does help to “lift” the brow but in all honesty, I don’t feel like it’s that big of a difference compared to using an eye shadow. I’ve always just used a shadow to highlight my brow bone but wondered if this did anything different and I don’t feel like it did. I’ll continue to use this but I wouldn’t repurchase it.


Precisely, My Brow- This pencil has a very fine tip on one end, so you have more precision for filling in your brows, and a spoolie on the other end to comb out your brows. The actual pencil formula is pretty nice but I do wish it was a little creamier. I just feel like I have to apply a bit more pressure than I’d like to in order to see anything. I do like that the color isn’t super pigmented because it looks much softer and more natural. This is great for when I just want to fill in my brows a bit to add more shape and definition but still have them looking natural. I’m not really sure if I’ll repurchase this product, just because I do like my E.L.F. brow product more, but if I did I’d buy it in a different color. The one I have, number 3, has a warm undertone which I don’t like because I need a more neutral to cool undertone. Luckily I can use my “Gimme Brow” over it to help the color match better.


Browvo!- I was very interested and eager to try out this product. It’s a “conditioning brow primer for fuller-looking brows.” The formula has “keratin & soy proteins known to help brows look THICKER, HEALTHIER & FULLER.” I was curious if that meant it would help to actually grow brow hairs or if it just simply makes your brow hairs more noticeable. I don’t consider my brows to be super sparse overall (they definitely aren’t full and thick either) but the tail of my left brow can look pretty thin. Therefore I was curious to see if and how this might make a difference.

First, I’m not really a huge fan of this packaging. You have to twist the bottom in order for product to come up and out of the applicator. It took FOREVER and what felt like a million twists just to get the product out to use it for the first time. Once you finally get the product out for the first time you then only click once for each brow. My problem with this is that sometimes with that one click, you can either get hardly any product or too much. The amount of product that comes out can be inconsistent sometimes which can be frustrating. This leads to why I’m not a fan of this as a primer…If you apply too much of the gel to your brows then your hairs become stiff and as you apply your other brow products, it can cause the gel to flake off. When you’re able to get the right amount of gel it does help to keep brow hairs in place but not as well as other brow mascaras (i.e. Anastasia Beverly Hills brow gel-it’s like cement!). I personally don’t notice this helping my other brow products to last longer. I’ve used this with brow powder, gel and a pencil. With or without this primer, they all last until the end of the day for me. So, since I didn’t like this as a primer, I only apply this product at night as a conditioning treatment.

After using this product for just one week I felt like I noticed a difference but I tried to remain skeptical and not jump to conclusions. I have now been using this fairly regularly for over a month now and I truly do feel like this product has helped. This is not a miracle product however. When I say that it did help, I don’t mean that now my brows look like Groucho Marx eye brows. What I mean is that I can definitely notice that the tail of my left eye brow does in fact have more hairs and doesn’t look quite as thin. If you are looking for a product to help give a little boost to the fullness of your brows then I recommend trying this out. If you are looking for a miracle product that completely transforms your brows from non-existent to thick and full then this probably won’t be the product you’re looking for.

Overall, even though some of the products didn’t work for me like I was hoping, I still feel that this kit is great for someone who is new to shaping and filling in their brows. The shaping tool is great for getting you started and helping you find the shape of your natural brows. Precisely, My Brow is really nice for defining and filling in your brows because it keeps them looking natural so you don’t have to worry about looking like you have “sharpie” eye brows. The High Brow is also great for defining because it helps to “lift” your brows. When it comes to the Browvo, I didn’t like it as a primer but I feel it’s a really nice nighttime conditioning treatment for your brow hairs to help keep them healthy.  All the products work well together to get your brows “on point” which helps to add a bit of definition and structure to your face.

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