Friday, March 3, 2017

Tony Moly Broccoli Sheet Mask

Last week started my “second round” of trying out some sheet masks from Tony Moly. A few months ago I tried some out and I enjoyed them so much that I purchased some more. Amazon has a great deal where you can purchase 11 Tony Moly masks for a very reasonable price so if you’re looking for some new masks to try out I would highly recommend checking it out. Today’s mask is another from the “I’m Real” line and is the Broccoli mask which is meant to help with skin vitality.

The packaging is really cute and nice. The sheet mask itself feels very nice and well made. The material was definitely thicker than others that I’ve tried, but not too thick. Even though this is a Korean brand and most of what’s on the back of the packaging is in Korean, there is also a small part that’s in English (I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand the instructions lol). Using a sheet mask is super simple and hassle-free. You pull it out of the package and apply it to your face (there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth). It actually fit my face quite well and stayed in place better than other sheet masks I’ve tried. Once you’ve left the mask on for 20-30 minutes you then remove and throw away.

This mask, like the last one I tried, didn’t seem to have any particular smell to it. I was able to use this mask twice (by placing the sheet back into the package to absorb excess serum) but I actually might have been able to use this three times. There seemed to be quite a lot of serum in this one compared to some others. That’s one of my favorite qualities about these masks, that there is enough serum in the package so that you can use the mask more than once. Some of their masks will become quite dry between 20 and 30 minutes but this one stayed pretty moist for the 30 minutes I left it on.

Front and back of the package. Top part of the package is in Korean but on the bottom are the instructions in English.

This mask claims to “protect skin from various environmental stressors, reversing the drying effects of pollution and UV rays.” It also “provides intense hydration while conditioning skin to revitalize complexion and boost elasticity level.” I’m not sure if there was just too much serum and I should have used the mask three times instead of two, or if this serum was just much thicker than the others, but I didn’t like the way my skin felt after using this mask. I feel like this serum took longer to absorb and felt heavier on my skin which resulted in my skin feeling more tacky and greasy than normal. Even the next morning my skin still felt slightly tacky which hasn’t happened with any of the other masks for me. I also didn’t notice this helping my skin to look much different afterwards. My skin looked a little refreshed and smoother but not a huge difference.

Overall, this mask was a bit disappointing for me. Again, I’m not sure if it’s the actual formula of the serum or the fact that there was just too much serum each time I used it but I didn’t like this mask at all. I didn’t notice any positive difference in my skin but instead this mask made me want to wash my face as soon as I took it off. For that reason I wouldn’t recommend trying out this particular mask from the brand. There are other masks from the “I’m Real” line that I enjoyed way more. To check some of them out you can click HERE and keep checking back every Friday because I have more coming that I absolutely love.

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