Friday, March 10, 2017

Tony Moly Tomato Sheet Mask

For the past few weeks I have been writing reviews on some Tony Moly sheet masks I purchased recently, and today I’m continuing with another sheet mask. The first two I tried out weren’t bad but I didn’t feel like they really helped out my skin in any special way to make them stand out amongst the rest. I was a little bummed after trying them but still hopeful with this tomato sheet mask. This mask is meant to help with radiance which is one quality I am always on the lookout for when it comes to face masks. Luckily, this mask did indeed deliver and restored my enthusiasm for trying out the rest of the masks that I purchased. More on the other masks coming in the weeks ahead, but for now, keep reading to find out more about this tomato sheet mask.

The packaging is really cute and nice. The sheet mask itself feels very nice and well made. The material was definitely thicker than others that I’ve tried, but not too thick. Even though this is a Korean brand and most of what’s on the back of the packaging is in Korean, there is also a small part that’s in English (I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand the instructions lol). Using a sheet mask is super simple and hassle-free. You pull it out of the package and apply it to your face (there are holes for the eyes, nose and mouth). It actually fit my face quite well and stayed in place better than other sheet masks I’ve tried. Once you’ve left the mask on for 20-30 minutes you then remove and throw away.

This tomato mask had a nice light scent to it. I don’t really know how to describe it but I found it quite pleasant. It also had a decent amount of serum inside so I was able to use it twice, as with most of the Tony Moly masks. In case you don’t know…if there’s still a lot of serum left in the package after using the mask once, I then fold the sheet mask up and place it back into the package and seal it. This way the mask absorbs the rest of the serum and I can use it again instead of feeling like I’m wasting it. The serum was pretty lightweight so my skin was able to absorb it pretty quickly which was really nice.

Front and back of the package. Top part of the package is in Korean but on the bottom are the instructions in English.

This mask is “rich in amino acids, which effectively keeps the skin hydrated, revitalized, and radiant. By attaching the mask to the skin, it fills in lines and gaps, making it appear smoother while also improving its tone and color. It contains Tomato extract that promotes a radiant and healthier complexion for a better overall skin tone.” Right after removing the mask my skin did feel a bit tacky but the tacky feeling did go away fairly quickly. It wasn’t until then that I began to realize that all of this masks claims are absolutely true. My skin felt so soft, much smoother and more hydrated. I could tell that my skin tone looked more even and didn’t have as much redness as I normally do. I also noticed that my skin did in fact have a more radiant look.

Overall I was pretty happy with this mask and quite surprised actually. I love that this helped to tone down any redness that I had and made my skin glow. My skin looked hydrated, healthy and more refreshed which was really nice. The last two masks weren’t bad but didn’t seem to do a whole lot for my skin so I’m really glad that this one ended up being a better match. I would definitely recommend trying this mask out if you want a product that will help to even your skin tone and give a healthy, radiant glow to your skin. To read my reviews on all the other Tony Moly face masks click HERE.

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