Friday, May 5, 2017

Que Bella Professional Intense Hydrating and Soothing Masks Reviews

This week is the last of my recent Que Bella face mask reviews. Earlier this year the brand came out with six new masks and sent them out to some beauty bloggers to try out and review. I was lucky enough to be sent these masks and I was so excited because I love the Que Bella products and have tried all of them, which you can check out HERE. Today I’ll be reviewing their Seaweed Hydrogel Mask and their Mix and Peel Honey Jelly Mask. Both of these masks are quite different compared to masks that I’ve tried before. I’ve never tried a hydrogel mask, just the typical cotton sheet masks, and I’ve also never tried a “mix it yourself” jelly sort of mask so I was super excited to try that out as well.

I always like to talk about the packaging for these products first. All of the Que Bella packaging is really cute but usually not very functional in my opinion. For their peel-off and mud masks it would be nice if you could reseal the package because there’s usually about 4 applications worth of product inside so you don’t want it to dry out. However, it’s not that big of a deal because you can either pour the product into a jar/container, or just use a paper clip or staple to close the package back up. The masks in today’s post though, are only meant for one application (just like the sheet masks) so you don’t actually need to worry about sealing the packaging. Overall, even though I wish you could reseal the package of the masks that need it, I really do like the way Que Bella packages their masks.

This Seaweed Mask is “designed to closely adhere to skin, maximising the skin care effect of Hydrogel. The seaweed extract is packed full of vitamins and minerals which help maintain healthy skin, whilst the gold helps to reflect light for radiant, glowing skin.” To find out more, then click HERE to read Que Bella’s blog post. What makes this mask different is that the texture of the “sheet” is a jelly-like consistency and actually comes in two parts. There’s the top part that covers from your forehead down to your nose and then the second part that covers from your top lip down to your chin. It was a little difficult for me to apply at first, just because it’s a little different and I didn’t know what to do, but once I figured it out it was really easy. One side of each part of the mask has a white plastic sheet, which I foolishly tried to remove first lol. Instead, once you take the mask out of the package, take one part (top or bottom; doesn’t matter) and, with the white plastic sheet still attached, place the jelly side down onto your skin, and then remove the white plastic sheet from the actual mask. Hopefully this makes sense and once you have it figured it, it’s super easy to apply. I love that this mask really stuck to my skin and stayed in place super well. It also felt a little cooling on my skin which is nice. Once I removed the mask there was a little bit of serum left on my skin but it absorbed really quickly. I even took the rest of the serum left in package and applied it all over my face, neck and chest. This left my skin feeling soft, smooth, hydrated and even more supple.

The Seaweed Hydrogel mask showing the two parts. The white plastic sheet that
is on one side is already removed.

Next up was the Mix and Peel Honey Mask. This mask “helps to absorb deep rooted impurities, the honey restores moisture to your skin and the Sodium Hyaluronate helps to retain the moisture.” For more information on this mix and peel mask then check out Que Bella’s blog post by clicking HERE. Inside the package are two smaller packages and a small spatula. You pour each package into a bowl, mix them together and then apply to the face. I thought the consistency might be similar to their other peel off masks but since it’s a “gel” it’s much thicker. Therefore, it was somewhat hard to apply and spread since it was thicker but overall not too bad. I waited for 20 minutes and then removed it. It peeled off pretty easily overall but, since it was a little hard to get an even layer and there were some areas that had a thicker layer while some had a thinner layer, some areas didn’t peel quite as easily. Luckily you can just use a wash cloth with some warm water and it wipes right off. Afterwards my skin felt smooth and deeply nourished. I could even tell that my skin was more supple and looked radiant.

The two packages and spatula that come in the Mix and Peel Honey Jelly Mask.

Overall I really like these two masks and would definitely recommend trying them out if you are looking for some nourishment for your skin. I always love how easy sheet masks are to use and the Seaweed mask was even better because it really sticks to your skin better than a cotton sheet mask. The Honey mask was fun because I had never tried a mask like it before. I liked mixing the ingredients together and it worked really well in delivering great results. I would suggest that if you use the Honey mask then invite a friend, family member or significant other to do the mask with you. After I applied the mask to my face there was definitely enough for one or even two more applications but I had to just throw it away. I wish there was a way I could have saved it but I don’t think it’s possible with this type of mask. So I would definitely recommend using it with a friend so it doesn’t feel like you’re wasting so much product. Out of the six new masks, these two are probably my favorite because they were easy, fun, different and just happen to work better with my skin than some of the others.   

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