Friday, June 30, 2017

Patchology FlashMasque Illuminate 5 Minute Facial Sheets Review

A little while ago I received this sample mask from a family member. I believe I’ve vaguely heard of this brand but have never tried any of their products before. This mask is deigned to even out skin tone and add a glow to the skin. I love trying out masks that have these claims because I can sometimes have quite a bit of redness in my skin. One difference that sets this apart from other sheet masks though is that you only leave this on for 5 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes. I was really curious to see how well this would provide results in such a short time period…

First, I loved that this sheet mask fit my face pretty well. It wasn’t as large as most of the other sheet masks I’ve tried which was nice. The sheet was also well saturated with the serum inside so I drained a little of the excess amount into the package and was able to use it twice (both times the mask was still well saturated but wasn’t dripping wet). I was surprised that this had no real scent to it. Usually, “illuminating” masks seem to always have a citrus scent but this one didn’t have any. I think it would have been nice to have a nice scent but I guess it’s not the most important quality in a mask so it’s ok. Afterwards I could tell that the serum absorbed really well into my skin without leaving my skin tacky which was great.

I noticed that my skin felt smoother after using this mask. It also felt more hydrated which was really nice. I didn’t notice any other befits after the first use but after the second use I did. It really did help to reduce some of the redness in my skin and helped to even out the tone. It didn’t get rid of the redness all together but it definitely helped.

Overall it was a pretty nice mask but I didn’t feel like it was anything super special. I’ve tried similar sheet masks that pretty much offer the same results but are a little cheaper. I guess the main difference is that this mask can be left on for 5 minutes to get those results whereas the other masks are about 20 minutes. However, for me, I don’t mind having a mask on for 20 minutes while I either relax or do things around the house. It is a nice mask, and worth giving it a try, but I wasn’t real blown away by it so I’m not sure if I’ll continue to purchase it.

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