Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My July Ipsy Bag: Avene, Cougar, Ciate and more!

The time has come for another Ipsy Glam Bag review. To see my other Ipsy Glam Bag reviews then you can click HERE. This month’s bag was another exciting one because all the products were new to me so I was excited to try them out. I was only familiar with two of the brands but the rest I hadn’t heard of and I love discovering new beauty brands. I did receive two masks in my bag as well but I want to do separate posts on each of those so they won’t be in this post. Those reviews will be up next week and the week after. For now though, click inside to see what I thought of the other products in my July Glam Bag.

This month’s bag design is very….interesting. It’s a faux leather type of material with a silver zipper. I like that the zipper is more on the side than on the very top of the bag. The reason why this design is interesting is because of the character that is on the bag. This character is a cartoon lazy egg by the name of Gudetama. I am not familiar with this character but it is cute and different. On the back of the bag is also the back of the egg which made me laugh when I first saw it. It’s cute but not really my style so I will probably give this bag to someone else to enjoy.

First up is a toner. This is the Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifying toner which costs $22 for the full size. I had never heard of this brand so I had no idea what to expect. The first time I used this toner I didn’t see much of a difference but the second time I used it, and from there after, I did. This toner definitely helped to minimize the appearance of my pores and gave my skin a smoother look. I don’t have extremely oily skin but my T-zone can become a bit oily and this toner definitely helped to keep my skin matte and oil free. It was also really gentle and didn’t irritate my skin at all which is great; on their website they state that they are “dedicated to sensitive skin.” Since this says mattifying I was afraid it might be somewhat drying since, again, I don’t have very oily skin but just slightly at the end of the day. However, this formula was not drying at all so I was really happy about that. I really liked this product and would definitely recommend checking it out.

Next up is the Wonderwand gel-kohl eye pencil from Ciate. I have the color “Black” and this costs $18. This eye pencil has a built-in thin angled brush for blending out the liner if you wish. The brush itself is nice and does its job at blending. The pencil formula is quite nice as well. It’s pretty pigmented and glides on very easily. I was expecting a bit more from this pencil to be honest, since it states it’s a gel-kohl liner. I was expecting a more intense, rich color with more of a soft, creamy consistency. This does have color payoff and doesn’t tug at your skin when you apply it but I was expecting something different. A few months ago in my May Ipsy bag I got the PIXI eye pencil and I love that formula. That is what I thought this pencil might be like but it wasn’t. It’s not a bad eye pencil and it does last all day but I personally don’t feel like it’s anything special compared to other eyeliners and not worth $18.

Ciate Wonderwand gel-kohl eye liner in Black.

Another item in my bag was the NYX High Definition Blush in the color “Double Dare.” Right now this color is on sale on their website for $4.55 but the regular price is $6.50. This color is a very bright and vivid orange. I love the color but was a little scared to use it. This blush is super pigmented so you really don’t need a lot, especially with this color. It’s very easy to apply and blend out since it has a sort of silky consistency. It lasts all day too with no fading. I don’t know why this color is on sale, not sure if they are discontinuing it but I hope not. It’s a beautiful color, especially for summer. I definitely want to try some more colors and would recommend trying them out for sure. Just use a little at a time so you can build up the color instead of applying too much at once.

NYX High Definition Blush in color Double Dare.

Lastly I received the 24hour Liquid Lipstick from Cougar Beauty in the color “Mulberry” which costs $9.11 (US Dollar, this company is based in the UK). I had never heard of this brand before but I super excited to try this liquid lipstick. I’m not usually a fan of matte finishes but some aren’t so bad so I was curious to see how I would like this. I would describe this color as a medium plum shade which looks a little darker on my skin than I thought it would. I’m not crazy about the color on myself personally. I don’t know why but these types of colors I’m not crazy about on my skin; but the color itself is beautiful. It’s a great color for fall and winter. This formula is very smooth and creamy so its glides on effortlessly and smells really good. It’s very pigmented with just one layer but it is easy to layer it up for a more intense color. The formula doesn’t feel too heavy on the lips and isn’t drying at all. The only negatives about this product is that it does feel tacky on your lips and isn’t transfer proof. However, this didn’t actually smudge and the color lasted all day. I figured since this felt tacky and didn’t completely dry down that it wouldn’t last but it actually did so I was quite impressed. I also loved that this didn’t settle into the lines on my lips and look gross but actually made my lips look soft and smooth. I loved this product and would definitely recommend purchasing.

Cougar Beauty 24hour Liquid Lipstick in color Mulberry.

Overall I am very happy with the products I received this month. My favorite would have to be the liquid lipstick. Even though I’m not crazy about the color (I prefer lighter nude colors) I do like the formula and definitely want to try and wear the color more. The only disappointing product was the eye pencil. It’s a nice pencil but as I stated, nothing special compared to other pencils and I wouldn’t purchase it. Make sure you check back the next two weeks for reviews on the face masks that I received as well.

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