Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My August Ipsy Bag: The Balm, Hikari, Seraphine and more!

A little late but I am finally posting my August Ipsy Glam Bag review. Last month’s bag had some definite winners and even losers. In this bag I was able to try all new products, and all but one brand I hadn’t even heard of. It’s nice to try products from brands you’re familiar with but it’s also really exciting to try products from brands that you know nothing about. To see what I’ve tried so far from my Glam Bags then click HERE. Otherwise to see what some of the hits, along with major misses, came in my bag for August then just keep on reading…

For this month there were three different designs for the bags. The colors were different from bag to bag and each had a different saying. Each had a gold zipper with a gold tassel as well. They are all super cute, but to be honest, the one I received was my least favorite out of the three. I still like it and think it’s cute but I just like the other colors and sayings a little bit more than this. I wish Ipsy had allowed us to choose which bag we would like. Overall though I am happy with the bag and have put it to use already.

The first product I received was the Seraphine Botanicals Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner which costs $22. This liner was somewhat opaque and glided on pretty smoothly. It wasn’t as smooth as some other liquid liners I’ve tried but wasn’t horrible. Once the liner dried it didn’t smudge but I wouldn’t agree that this is water proof. When I did the swatch on my hand and then held it under water, the black did start to run. I did have to rub it quite a bit but it did come off. The major problem I had with this liner was that within my first initial use of this liner, it completely dried up. This product seemed to have some good reviews so I think, for some reason, I just received a bad one and that this wasn’t normal for the actual product. However, overall I wasn’t super impressed with this product, especially for the price. I would recommend the liquid liner from Skone Cosmetics (click HERE) over this.

Seraphine Liquid Coal Liquid Liner.

Next I received a shadow/luminizer by The Balm in the shade Kuwakaribisha. Apparently this shade was part of a set and not sold individually which I’m kind of disappointed by. It’s a beautiful light champagne color that is perfect for fair skin. I haven’t tried a lot of products by The Balm so I didn’t really know what to expect but I fell in love with this product. I mainly use this as a highlighter on my cheeks, brow bone, inner corner of the eye and cupids bow. The formula is very creamy and it blends out beautifully. It has great pigmentation and lasts all day. This product makes your skin look very glowy without being too over the top. It actually reminds me a lot of the Shimmer and Strobe Highlighting Palette from Flower Beauty (click HERE) which I also absolutely love.

The Balm "Kuwakaribisha" shadow/luminizer.

The next product in my bag was the Aurora x Ipsy Pro Coverup Concealer in Pistachio which costs $8 for the full size product. This product actually came broken in my bag but luckily it didn’t create a huge mess on everything. Therefore I had to empty the product into a little container. I was a bit disappointed because I like the applicator that the product had and prefer applying product with that compared to a brush or even my fingers. The color Pistachio is a light mint green color which is supposed to help cover redness. The formula is pretty lightweight, has a creamy consistency and blends out pretty well. It’s also fairly pigmented which is really nice. Even though the formula is creamy I found that it actually looked a little dry and sort of patchy sometimes once I blend it out. It’s fine once I apply my foundation over the top but I guess I was expecting it to be more hydrating since it is a liquid formula. This did help to cancel out some of the redness that I have which is really nice. However, it’s just not a product I find myself reaching for often.

Aurora Pro Coverup Concealer in Pistachio.

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer in Flush.

Another product I received was the Hikari Shimmer Bronzer in the color Flush which is $17 for the full size product. This product has four squares; two bronze, one light pink and another dark pink. I knew right away this wasn’t going to be a typical “bronzer” but rather more of a blush. When you swirl all the colors together you get a medium pinky bronze color. I have never used products by this brand but I absolutely love this product. It has a creamy consistency and blends out beautifully. It also has great pigmentation with a satin finish and last all day. I find myself reaching for it all the time because I feel it goes with so many makeup looks. I would highly recommend trying this product out if you don’t mind spending the money. For me personally, I feel $17 is a bit much for a blush but it truly is an amazing formula and color.

Hikari Shimmer Bronzer in Flush. On left are colors individually,
on right are colors swirled together

I did receive some other products but I am going to save those for a review next week. I received two of the CLIV Max Hyaluronic Masks so make sure you check back to see how well the mask worked for me. Out of all the Glam Bags I’ve received so far, this one was the most disappointing in terms of products. While two of them I absolutely love, two of them turned out to be quite disappointing. I was mostly disappointed in the liner because of how quickly it dried up. Luckily I was able to salvage the concealer but it’s still frustrating that it came broken. Overall I was glad I was able to try some new products and can’t wait for my next Glam Bag.

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