Wednesday, October 25, 2017

COVER FX Perfect Setting Powder Review

For a little while now I have been on the hunt for a good setting powder. I had tried a powder by Sonia Kashuk but did not like it at all (you can read about it HERE). So when I was in Sephora one day and waiting in line I saw this small size COVER FX Perfect Setting Powder and decided to just give it a try. I want a translucent setting powder with a hint of (yellow) color to it that sinks into the skin to look natural and doesn’t let oil seep through to break up my makeup. This seemed like it would be a good choice to try, but was it? Click inside to find out how this powder worked for me…

I love the packaging for this product. A lot of loose powders can become very messy which can be frustrating. This product though, has a piece that you can close tightly over the holes so that it doesn’t become a complete mess. I purchased the color “Light Medium” and I love it. I have light skin with neutral to slightly warm undertones and this color is perfect.  

This powder just sinks into the skin beautifully to look quite natural instead of powdery. It doesn’t feel dry on my skin and really gives an airbrushed finished. It also makes my skin feel quite soft which is nice. I don’t have a lot of lines but I don’t feel like this sinks into the ones that I do have too badly. I do still get the smile lines but I get that no matter what product I use so I’m not real upset about that.

While this does have some great qualities I’m still not 100% sold on it. It does set my makeup but I still feel like my skin can become somewhat oily faster than I like. I don’t have very oily skin but sometimes my makeup can look quite oily and not last past 6 hours. I have tried to figure out if a particular product is causing me to become more oily or if it’s just my skin but I can’t figure it out. Either way I want a powder that helps keep oil under control as much as possible. So, I probably won’t be purchasing the full size version and will look into other powders geared specifically for oily skin. I would not recommend this product if you do have oily skin because I don’t think it will help with oil control but I do think it would work for those who have dry skin.

If you have any suggestion on setting powders to try I would love to hear. 

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