Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick Review

Before Christmas I was at Ulta picking up some makeup, and decided to look at some of their holiday packs. I saw some from NYX Cosmetics that had their Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks inside and remembered that I had wanted to try them. I figured this would be a great time and so I purchased a pack that had three colors inside: a nude, mauve and brown. I have slowly been trying out liquid lipsticks and figuring out what qualities I like and what I don’t. To find out more about these liquid lipsticks just keep on reading…

The packaging is quite nice for these liquid lipsticks. I like that the package is clear so you can see the color. These have a doe-foot applicator but it’s a little different than other’s I’ve used before; it’s quite long and thin. I thought it would make it harder to apply but it actually doesn’t. I’m able to apply the lipstick easily and evenly. The packaging doesn’t feel super cheap but it’s not fancy or expensive feeling either.

Top to bottom: Baby Doll, Embellishment and Beauty Mark. (in sunlight)

Top to bottom: Baby Doll, Embellishment and Beauty Mark. (in shade)

I found the formula to be very nice which surprised me a little. I’ve tried quite a few matte liquid lipsticks that are very sticky so I figured these would be as well. However, these aren’t sticky at all and have a smooth, creamy texture. Each shade is very pigmented and the formula isn’t drying on the lips either which is great. Even though these have a matte finish they have a mousy texture which helps them not look too drying either on your lips. These also don’t settle into the lines on my lips when I smile, which is my number one problem with lipsticks in general. These are transfer-proof and last all day depending on what you are eating. I was eating some pasta, and not being very careful, and the color did start to wear away. However, I still find that these are pretty long-wearing; just certain foods will wear away the color faster.

Overall I am very happy with these liquid lipsticks. I wasn’t sure I was going to like them that much since I am the most picky when it comes to lip products. However, I am pleasantly surprised by these lipsticks and I definitely want to purchase some more. If you are looking for some affordable, long-wearing, matte liquid lipsticks then I would highly suggest checking these out if you haven’t yet.

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