Friday, March 9, 2018

Face Halo Review!

For a long time now I have been using makeup remover wipes to remove my makeup at the end the day before cleansing my skin. I’ve tried quite a few and the one that I liked the most was the Equate Exfoliating Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I loved many aspects of these towelettes but decided it was time to try something new. I have heard of makeup remover microfiber towels but never felt the need to try them before. That is, until I heard about Face Halo from Youtuber Chloe Morello. What drew me to these microfiber pads instead of the others was its size. Therefore, I decided to try it out to see how it compares to the wet towelettes I was so used to using and even another microfiber towel I managed to get my hands on.

These Face Halo microfiber pads come three in a pack for $22 and each pad is good for up to 200 washes. The pads are quite small and are in the shape of a circle, whereas most microfiber towels I’ve seen are larger and square shape. Personally I prefer the shape of the Face Halo because I just find it much easier than using the larger towels. The reason microfiber is so great is because the fibers are able to really get into the pores of your skin to scoop out makeup and trap it within the fibers. A normal towel or cloth can only scoop up the makeup on the surface and not within the pores. Plus, all you are using is water instead of chemicals that could cause skin irritations. Those two aspects already make these pads better than the makeup towelettes I was using before.

When these first arrived I was somewhat surprised at the feeling of these cloths. They are very plush and were a little stiff but after using them a while the stiffness goes away. These are also really easy to clean which is nice. These pads do feel very durable and good quality so I’m not worried about them falling apart. It does seem a bit odd that all you need is water in order to remove your makeup, but with these cloths it’s absolutely true. These pads definitely remove all traces of makeup. However, Face Halo does claim to remove waterproof makeup as well but these pads do not remove my waterproof mascara. The one I have been using lately is the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara and I have to use coconut oil to break it down and then use the Face Halo to wipe it away. Maybe it’s just this one product though since any other makeup I use comes off really easily. In comparing these pads to a microfiber towel I find that they both perform the same. As I stated before, I just prefer the Face Halo because of the size.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how well these pads removed my makeup with just water. I do notice that my skin can feel somewhat dry after using these pads. Probably because it is just using water whereas the towelettes I was using had ingredients that helped to soothe the skin. I don’t find this issue to be very bothersome though since I apply moisturizer anyways. I do love that these are washable so it’s better than purchasing and throwing out wet towelettes constantly. Apparently one Face Halo pad equals to about 500 makeup wipes (according to Chloe’s video) so these are more cost and environmentally friendly. If you haven’t tried out microfiber pads/towels to remove your makeup then I highly suggest you do and would recommend checking out Face Halo. If you already have a microfiber towel and wondered if these are different, I don’t think that Face Halo is different and seems to perform exactly like other microfiber towels. To learn more about Face Halo you can check out their website HERE. Or, to watch Chloe Morello’s video, click HERE.

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